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Nollywood goes to school

A few days ago, I made my way to the salon for my quarterly … ehm … toenail management (three months of hard grinding on the fitness trail had rendered them somewhat unpresentable). I reclined as the thickset attendant went to work. Gazed up idly at the TV as dazzling Afro Pop music video images of the latest sensation I had never heard of flashed by.

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From Russia with love (3)

The first twinges of disquiet came when, knowing my irrepressibly optimistic compatriots, I investigated a suspicion and discovered that the gazelle from Sapele had been registered for combat in 4 events at the championships, three of which were individual (100m, 200m, Long Jump; plus the 4x100m relay).

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From Russia with love (2)

Some attribute this cruel but recurring phenomenon to nerves, burnout, inferiority complex, inadequate preparation, inexperience, unpaid allowances … there’s a whole host of reasons why that green and white vest continues to flap futilely in the wake of the overachievers (usually several meters ahead).

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From Russia with Love (1)

Exactly three weeks ago, I was in a state of quiet euphoria. Why? It was the 10th of August. A date I had been awaiting all year. Why?? For some, a birthday. A cherished wedding anniversary. Or their flight departure date to finally ‘check out’ of the shores of this land for a hopefully better life elsewhere.

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A presidential time-bomb ticks

Even at 50 years when we austensibly celebrated “maturity”as a country, it is now clearer than crystal that we are into the vicious circle of instability all over again. And it is instructive that this instability surfaced right on the day that we were celebrating 50 years of independence!!

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2011: No time for a long debate

The big question however is whether the National Assembly will be able and willing to do this within the shortest possible time in the next couple of weeks. If it can, good enough; but if it cannot because of the process involved in constitutional amendment, then we have to accept the inevitable; that May 29th handover date would be impossible.

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