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Spouse day

Today, those who are aware will celebrate the less known cousin of  Valentine’s day, namely, Spouse day. Spouse day is a day set aside to celebrate and honour our spouses. Spouse day, unlike Valentine’s day, is specifically for spouses only.

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Marriage can be so fragile

“Some years ago, a 99-year-old      Italian man filed for divorce of his 96-year-old wife of 77 years. Reason: The wife had an affair over 60 years ago, but the man just stumbled on the evidence, letters she wrote the lover boy. Only God knows why she was still keeping those letters! When he confronted her, she owned up to the affair.

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Women, help thyselves

I was at the 50th Anniversary celebration of Urhobo Ladies Association (ULA) two Sundays ago. One of the first things that struck me, when I arrived at the venue, was the ageing membership. What can be responsible for their inability to attract younger women? That was the thought going on in my mind.

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