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Parenting and social media

There is a short video of a white mother who is exasperated with her children’s phones and social media activities that has been trending on social media: “I hereby denounce the effects social media have on my children…” Ordinarily, parenting is a long, winding road on a hilltop, no dulling. Social media just complicated parenting by adding storm and wetness to the long winding road.

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Options for young parents – Francis Ewherido

The euphoria of courtship, wedding and early married life gets so much that some young couples forget a potential “landmine,” waiting for them barely a year into marriage, all things being equal: parenthood. Many young couples engage in unbridled sex and why not? They have the marital license, youthful energy and their passion is still fresh, but barring any hitches, the result of unbridled sex is pregnancy. Nine months down the line a baby will come and that is when it will occur to some of them that they need to figure out how to care for the baby and also earn a living.

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Protect your assets

Two separate fire incidents on Friday, January 12, 2018, made me very depressed. One happened in Surulere, Lagos, and consumed a supermarket and three business centres. In the afternoon, that same day, I was already late for an appointment with a friend, former schoolmate and Chief Executive Officer of American Business Council, Mrs. Margaret Olele, in Victoria Island, when I noticed an unusually heavy traffic on Eko Bridge as I approached Apongbon.

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What will kill you is before you – Francis Ewherido

On a recent visit, a former colleague and longtime friend, Assumpta Udoh, told me something I found very profound because of its clarity: “Franco, by the time you are 50, the health problem that will kill you will be before you.  How long you live thereafter depends on how you manage it.” Assumpta is very correct, her grandmother was diabetic, but died at age 98. Her 101-year-old father is asthmatic, but still going strong. He played exhibition tennis at 100 in Ikoyi Club, Lagos, last year.

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Where is your staff? – Francis Ewherido

Our topic today has its roots in the Book of Exodus. God wanted to send Moses on a special mission to liberate the Israelites to enable them fulfill their destiny. God was also keen to fulfill His promise to their ancestors. “What do you have in your hands?” God asked Moses. “A staff,” Moses answered. With that staff, Moses was able to do exploits and ultimately set free the Israelites and bring them almost to the promised land. As we begin the New Year, we are making New Year resolutions and setting goals. That is wonderful because we must plan and implement to succeed. To implement, you need the requisite skills or talents. Where are yours? They are your staff?

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Sharing of food for the soul – Francis Ewherido

It is Christmas time again and a time for sharing. That was how I grew up to see it. Neighbours cooked and exchanged food with neighbours; children moved from one relative’s or family friend’s house to the other. This enabled them to have a taste of the culinary skills different from their mothers.’ These are no longer common in urban areas, but I hope it still happens in towns and villages where life is more personal and communal. 

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Plan your wedding within your means – Francis Ewherido

I went to visit a banker friend recently. When I got to his office, I met one of his usually cheerful female subordinates moody. I was curious. I later found out she is getting married soon and had ran out of cash. Her wedding budget is N10m, while her salary is N1,800,000 per annum. My friend said that her fiancé probably earns less. So, together, their income is about N3.2m per annum. From the look of things, not much assistance will come from their families because both of them actually support their parents financially. Yet they want to spend an amount more than their combined salaries for three years for their wedding!

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