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Letter from Washington

October 7 Monument On The Niger

Like all dastardly organized inhumanities, the willful injustice had its consequences. Asaba in October 7, found women and children separated from their condemned fathers and brothers.

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Trinidad And Tobago: The Oil Earnings, Social Benefits for the People.

In 2007, the island’s natural gas production averaged four billion standard cubic feet per day. In December 2005, the Atlantic LNG fourth production module for liquefied natural gas [LNG] began production. With over 50% increment in the Atlantic LNG’s overall output capacity, at 5.2 tons a year, Trinidad and Tobago can boast of the largest LNG train in the world. With this explosion, she has become the number one gas exporter to the United States.

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Petrocaribe: President Chavez intiative to reach the Caribbeans

”The national poverty ratings according to the UN, for Venezuela was 54%. in 1998. Ten years later
the same UN and the Economic Commission of Latin America have recognised that President Chavez Social
programs for Venezuela have reduced the poverty levels from over half the the entire population, to only 26%,
of the same population, with the abject poverty bracket going down to 7%.

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Jonathan in Washington Dc: Nigeria’s last boat away from hell

President Jonathan was the proverbial breath of fresh air to Nigerians who listened to him in Washington DC two weeks ago. Perhaps that hapless country may yet go somewhere with the kind of optimism which Jonathan exudes and projects. Did he recently say that money for Nigerian leadership echelon who go overseas for medical attention will no longer be accepted.

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