Letter from Washington

August 26, 2010

Asaba… The IBB declaration…. Final

By Emma Okocha

I was in the Caribbeans when the President, Goodluck Jonathan landed Washington and was accosted by the good old  Amanpour and was very alarmed when the aggressive lady nearly croossed her lines and her legs in reaching for the calves of our dear President.

She never gave the President the time or the space to think over the questions. At the end of the one sided interview, Christiana Amanpour dominated but the President held some of his own grounds.
I was in the Black Man’s Island a nation of some five hundred or so people when the news banged.INEC announced the firing of Professor Iwu and ushered in a former talakawa defender , Prof Jega as the new helmsman. I have since returned home but home is no longer home to me and my animals. Jega fired the first disturbing salvo. He is going to use 75 billion naira to run an election that nobody has guaranteed its success .
That much money was not needed in Ghana, South Africa and those  human billions in Asia whenever they run their own electons. I know it. Anytime we spend this type of money for a project the final result is always predictable. Remember when Amodu took nine million naira in Angola after we beat was it Togo or Lesotho in the African Cup football Tournament.

Gen. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, rtd

The players were offered some five million naira each for beating countries that were not up to Ibadan province in population.
I was in the Caribbeans when the former Nigerian military President ,General Ibrahim Babangida declared for the Presidency. The enduring controversial power broker with an equally emasculating military top brass constituency had not visited his in laws for sometime.
He was not also forthcoming when His Royal Highness had brandished one of those titles before the ever smiling General. When the great VANGUARD carried the story of the death of the last of the Nigerian First Ladies, Minna waited too long to involve the Ogbeogo Okogwu families in the final traditional respects for a lady who though died a muslim was before the advent of Ibrahim was a practising Catholic. He forgot to give his inlaws their due traditional respects.
All the same, the coming of the General at this time , and the electing of Asaba as his venue of declaration exploded the political landscape.  From my hotel in Trinidad I saw the retinue that arrived the Palace with the General.  General Obada …heavens !
His best friend in the army was Major Emmanuel Ifeajuna and he was like the few select officers who did well , was the ADC to the then President, and Commander in Chief, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. Yes, the fixer the man who ruined our roads , leader, Chief Tony  Anineh was also a former ADC to the legendary President. So also was  Kwara born Police IG Sunday Adewusi of the Shagari era.
The General belong to the cadre of Niger Delta elites who never thought that Asaba is Niger Delta. He was with the Dafinone group . We shall talk more on this.
Meanwhile the sad news is that the Phillidephia Professor of Classics, Dubem Okafor is no more. He shot his Jamaican wife and opened the rest of magazine on himself.
Dubem pushed me out of my holidays and I have to return to the beat.
Dubem who was in Ibadan university was my friend and I spent my holidays in Philly at his residence. His Jamaican wife was his third wife and was so beautiful . How can Dubem a desciple and critic of Christopher Okigbo carry the panga and before the Idoto shrine raise his hand and cut down the fair maiden from forest? Dubem what happened to you? What did the vegetables profess to you?