Letter from Washington

March 2, 2010

Lagos-Benin expressway: Blood sacrifice of a people

Note :  This piece contains a gory photograph that could be disturbing to some readers.

By Emma Okocha

Few days before he threw in the towel and resigned his editorial seat at Concord, the great Editor, Dele Giwa told his students that, Nigeria is the goalmine for the bizarre. He was confident that the country could sustain as many newspapers as could be published.

He believed that it was time to fly a weekly Nigerian magazine. He would be glad if some us would follow him to Allen road and further for in Nigeria anything can happen at anytime.  All the reporter needs, is to be awake for most of the time the news is not far away from your nose.

Indeed, we were going to conduct a ceremonial parade to welcome the Return of the Commander In Chief in our popular Tuesday GOC episode, when suddenly, the market women called to complain about the continuing truculence and cold exchanges of the First and Half First Ladies.

In difference to these professional women of the markets , we were going to change the topic and considered bringing a Courtmarshal proceedings against the ambitious First Lady in the episode; Titi Ntoriah,  Produce the Commander In Chief!

That was before we were shocked by an internet posting which was mailed to me by my friend Anthony Shane from the New York Times. His advice gave us the responsiblity to research the genesis, the truth of that posting, and we can start by engaging in speculation. I had glanced through the same gory graphics from a Nigerian forum and did not take both the sender and his images serious.

I hope it will never be true . On account of the unprintability of those vulgar contents , we shall try to recreate the pictures in writing . In the end the authorities could help by confirming the story or thrashing the cabbage. If you have not seen any of those mails please go down this script and also remember that some of the shocking stories as relayed did infact happen . Now read on.

How can anybody interpret such blood thirst as armed robbery? The images may be shocking but this may not be the first time. How about Apo 6 where the young Igbo girl hawker who refused rape from the Northern Police officer was condemned to die.

A six inch nail hammered into her nose.

An Igbo welder roasted alive , few days ago in Jos . After the so called calm.
The Long buses have been the target of horrific night ambushes in the name of anything for some time now.
These buses according to my sources are suddenly crashed into, in the dead of night on Abuja -Auchi roads, Abuja – Ilorin, Abuja -Ibadan- Lagos, by devilish waiting on the brinks tankers, and those are described as accidents. Unidentified robbers come to the scene after the wounded are taken away and the dead tell no tales. On the terrible Lagos Benin route , the Ondo section from Ore has been deliberately left untouched since Anenih.

Easily the buses can be jumped by armed undesirables who perform the unspeakable namely; force passengers to perform open sex,sometimes mothers with sons, traveling nuns against strangers and fanatical believers with pagans…. there was the case of one Pastor Ikedi Usom who refused and was beaten and left to die on that route. If they are armed robbers why are they so blood thirsty?

And look at those photographs, beside the lame and the innocent mass carrier, The Young Shall Grow…
That image and allegory says it all.

That bus used to be feared and like Okonkwo, in Things Fall Apart, when it ran across the Savanah plains and breezed down the equatorial forest hills, plastered with the bluesh colors of Ekene Dili Chukwu or with the yellow markers of Izu Chukwu, the villagers of the various nations that make up the Nigerian federation from the outskirts of their farms or on the side streets of their cities appeared to wave in respect of those moving trains.

They cannot hide their admiration for the elegant mass carrier which have over the years since the civil war, provided them affordable decent transportation.  Like the depressed and helpless Okonkwo before he hanged himself, the intrusion of foreign marauders on her line of operations and her society is decapitating her passengers and her civilization! Things have fallen apart for the once vibrant people that owed and traveled the roads from Dakar to the Zambezi River.

Suddenly, the plot opens when the reverred big bus, [Ugbo ndi Israel] is hijacked on lonely dark night on the Benin – Lagos freeway. To entertain the satanic cult the once friendly bush tracks have since a decade now, been invaded by blood sucking vampires, ogres, bespectacled alligators, and angry anacondas patiently coiled up in deceptive black heaps.

Shaped like tanker tyres under the green vegetation those reptiles are patiently waiting for their unfortunate human sacrificial games. Remember the familiar stories of those fair ladies who had to move away from the stare of the busy bodies in the bus.  Tip toeing modestly, away from the parked bus on the side freeway, the women would feel comfortable, and would only zip down, pull down the white skirts, and would brazenly sit on those rubbery muscle heaps of the giant python.

Give way to traffic, she is about to use the bathroom! Or about to be used for dinner!!
In a wrenching climatic abomination, unprecedented in fiction, without parallels on stage or on the screen, the grizzly graphic pictures shock the spines. At once the images tell the story, and the lights are out.Nobody can go further.  The establishment shots are so revolting for use by any responsible Editor either for the print or for the electronic media.

With an AK rifle planted on his skull, the strong pilot of the beleaguered ship is ordered by these sons of darkness to sacrifice his marooned passengers. That sacrifice must come from the blood of the people of the sun!  With the guns and bayonets drawn and now lowered to his ear lobes, the panting driver runs the giant killer metal system over the fragile bodies of her passengers.

Even the ugly animals, including the hooded black vultures retreat in shock at the sight. The trees break off their branches, as the vegetables snap their protests at the savagery of man.  The Anti Christ are not finished yet. Those others who had paid large sums for their lives must be marshaled into the freeway death congregation  Their role would include serving as the unwilling audience and witnesses to the macabre, the unholy sacrifice of the blood splittered on granite by the slow cascading Ugbo Ndi Israel machine.

Those lucky, breathing congregation, directed and starred in the film. Before their bewildered eyes, their bus was crushing to death their relations, friends and fellow innocent male and female passengers.