On February 13, 1994, Nature Servant Phillip Eguaseki Asomwonriri returned home to Africa. To come along with us about Africanite Religion, we cite from the  Africanite Proclamation dated, WEDNESDAY,1994, page 46, subtitled, “The Divine Nature” A glance at the Universe; instantly reveals how magnificent and abundant Nature possessions contain and HER endless treasures remain a source of bewilderment to those who possess the Earthly spirit of the Universe.

One does not need for example, an extra-ordinary technique in observing the grandeur of the SEA. A profound view of the majestic Order of the SUN that dig to light, the wonder of these Universal endless combinations in HER functions and usefulness to mankind. Remember the piercing MOON light on the Valleys and Mountain tops or the splendid MOON light reflecting on the Mountain regions during a Winter Snow event.

Among these inexhaustible wonders is the efficacy of the FOREST that contains the secret influence of the SUN, MOON, DAY, NIGHT and its effects on the bank of the SEA.  Everywhere one looks, one sees NATURE, everyday one smells NATURE, every second one touches NATURE in every moment of ones life.

Nature Servant Phillip Eguaseki Asomwonriri was completely surprised about western nations instant negative reactions against Africanite Proclamation as they subjected him to the most brutal religious repression in human history for decades.

As soon as western nations realised that they cannot contain Africanite as a religion, at once they secretly subjected Asomwonriri to all sorts of hardships and dangers in Europe and Africa. There were so many brutal attempts made on his life.

It is paradoxical, that Europe and America are the most intolerate countries to other religions, particularly African religion and culture. Indeed Europeans and Americans began for a long, to undermined African religion as soon as they came into contact with Africa. Indeed, western nations used religion as a strategic weapon against Black Africans, thereby distracting Africans from their track as a people. After,  subduing Black Africans the next weapon on their arsenal was religion, and it was used effectively and entirely to control Africa.

The devil water represents for Black Africans occidental religion and together with the scurge of colonialism African people have become disarranged in life. Uptill now, Black Africans assume that only western nations can solve their individual problems as they are so disconnected from their root as a people.

Consequently, Black Africans have become so miserable as their political, economic, religious, cultural and social life are all lying in ruin. Africa is now a place of human and ENVIRONMENTAL waste on EARTH!  Under these circumstances emerged Africanite into the world scene and SHE was immediately confronted with aggression and secret persecution since 1994 in Europe.

Still Asomwonriri made vigorous attempts to bring Africanite work to the public, but his attempts were brutally sabotaged for decades, he resisted by all foes in Austria to silence Africanite work for humanity.

A stampede occurred in Benin City on WEDNESDAY, October 1999, during the last day of the crusade, when about 500,000 people crammed themselves in a small school compound to hear the German preacher based in South Africa, as he flagged off his weeklong “great crusade campaign”.

The last day of soul-winning service was followed by a heavy down pour, that delayed the departure of the congregation who later became restive. The stampede occurred as the preacher`s followers struggled to touch him.

Indeed, in the ensuing melee some people were crushed underfoot while others fainted and injuries. The amount expended on the crusade enticed an improverish society everywhere in town from the villages.

Western nations cannot deprive Africans the right to its culture and religion. Indeed, the thought alone that the West speaks and teaches Africans its culture and religions is an abomination and crime. There is no other region in the world as sub-Saharan Africa that struggles to survive. Africa has no functional macroeconomic, political stable nations. All over the continent there are no functional health facilities.

Instead for decades, African youths have risked their lives and fled their respectives countries to Europe where they are subjected again to all kinds of hardships. Africanite urges Western leaders to stop its economic, cultural and religious slavery against Africans.

Though, it is hard to speak about African religion but however it is necessary to trace how Africans have become alienated from their roots. In Africa, those who are members of African traditional religion are classified by western nations as animist or worshippers of African traditional religion.

But in Europe and America any religion having African background are offensively referred to as voodoo worshippers as to elevate occidental and oriental religions respectively. It is not surprising, that anytime there is a crisis between the people of the northern and southern part of the defunct Nigeria, western media would divide at once Nigeria into a moslem north and occidental religious south.

Again, from the beginning the west adapted two strategies against African religion which were; one, aimed to destroy African religion and culture and thereby alienate the people from their roots so that Africans can continue to bleed for the comfort of western nations, a method followed by ingenious political system where all ethnic groups were crammed together to cause discord among them.

Second, it is important to stress, that the west viewed African religion as a threat in terms of HER intrinsic qualities because for the west religion means a necessity created by insecurity of artificial world of aggrandissement full of veil as compared to what is real. Interestingly, the west referred to African religion in Africa, as animism or traditional African religion and why for example, the west offensively referred to Haitians religion as voodoo.

Haiti is the forunner of religious repression in the west. Among, all Western Hemisphere nations Haiti ranked next to U.S., not because of its geographical location rather due to its perculiar history in Latin America. In 1804, Haiti became the first independent nation in Latin America since then it never knew peace as the nation was a torn in the eyes of its neighbour U.S.  On January 12, 2010 occurred a day of profound revealation how THE GODS act manifest HER wrath against the enemies of helpless nations.

What the world has just experienced in Haiti could be likened to circumstances whereby a valid owner of a ship suddenly appeared in the middle of a seized ship that was never allowed to exist among the islands and the main land nations of the Atlantic OCEAN. In this ship its occupants experienced indescribable actrocities and it was completely denied of its African religion; as Haiti drifted into all sorts of misfortunes in the Carribean Islands, that endured till January 12, 2010.

The EARTHQUAKE that devastated Haiti brought to the surface for everyone to see how attempts were made by other Western hemisphere nations to destroy completely Haitian religion of which root is from Africa, as it was already faced with extinction! Since January 12, 2010 Haiti history has changed for good in latin America.

On January 15th, 2010, a U.S.’s most prominent religious television preacher, says he knows exactly why Haiti is suffering, and has suffered for so long: they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said, “We will serve you if you will get us free from the French.” True story. And so, the devil said, “OK, it’s a deal. […] ever since, they have been cursed by one thing after the other.

The devil he referred to was voodoo and that the Haitian have been cursed by what he did not explain. He ought to have elaborated on the devil because the devil has many faces. Moreover, the U.S. preacher shady statement referred in essence to Haitian freedom and for been a Black African nation with African historical background. Indeed, the whole excitment that Haitian defeated the French has no place in America.

If U.S. most prominent religious television preacher knows why the devil cursed Haiti, then he needs to tell the world who suppressed Haitian religious belief and named it voodoo in Western World.

The television preacher will accept the necessity that Haitians must keep their identity particularly their religious belief with them in the Western hemisphere. An Austrian priest was also reported saying that “90% of Haitians are voodoo.” But today, it is difficult to acertain such a percentage still exist in Haiti, for example not long ago, one of its president was occident priest who was imposed on Haitians by U.S. government.

The west are alone of nations who are intolerance against other religions. It was also reported in March 2004, that  “Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide flees” Haiti. The country`s consul in Dominican Republic announced that Aristide was on his way to Morocco, but Moroccan government denied any intention to grant him asylum, though he was a western priest. Why? Because he is a former president from a voodoo country!

Truly, occidental and oriental religious nations have never shown any tolerance towards other religion that are regarded as contemptuous to their beliefs. It is advisable, that those who against other religious need to understand that such views are incompatible to mutual co-existence among nations.

Other commentators were also reported with such statements that “When it comes to Natural disasters, Haiti seems to have a bull’s-eye on it. That’s because of a killer combination of geography, poverty, social problems, slipshod building standards and bad luck, experts say. Such statements by western media needs to be condemn by all, as they are burn out of obvious malice as articulated by U.S. television preacher.

It was hardly surprising that the Burmese opposition leader, Dew Aung San Suu Kyi, went to the golden-inspired Schwedagon-Pagoda on the night of her release from house arrest earlier this month to pray and make offering. After all, it was at this Buddhist shrine, on August 26, 1988, that she announced to have a million cheering people that would “participate in the struggle for freedom.”

In recent months, another temple has arisen near Rangoon`s underused international airport at a cost of millions of dollars to house a huge Natural Rock resembling Buddha. The temple has been constructed, at feverish pace, by Lieutenant General Khlin Nyunt, Burma`s feared and reviled spy chief. He is ranked No. 3 in the ruling military junta. Burma is a superstitious land.

These days it calls to mind how the terrifying Haiti’s of Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier visited as a young correspondent. Papa Doc used his brutal civil militia, the Tontons Macoutes, as Khlin Nyunt used his “Military Intelligence,”to ensure order.

Papa Doc enlisted Haiti`s voodoo religion to extend his grip on the Haitian people, always dressing in top hat and tails like Baron Samedi, the voodoo devil who haunts sepulchre. It is surprising that other religions have never found acceptance by the three religions that prided themselves for long, as the world only religions. The inference alone, of the three religions to assume that they shall forever remain the dominate religions was not only unrealistic with time but was bound to succumb to the question about validity and contents.

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