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Somebody must be lying

By Dele Sobowale “That was the full extent of his [Senator Sheriff] participation in the visit and it was also at Ndjamena Airport that the pictures which formed the basis of the bogus allegation of President Jonathan hobnobbing with the ‘accused sponsor of terrorism’ were taken.” Dr Reuben Abati, PUNCH, Friday, September 12, 2014 p
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A tale of two defectors: Fani-Kayode and Ribadu(3)

Let me conclude my series on the “dandy duo” who defected to the PDP from the APC (can you spot the difference please?) – each of them bringing with them more liabilities than assets to the parties they join; and increasingly becoming political jesters. For sure, none has ever won an election; none has a political structure of his own. All they bring to a political party is noise and nuisance value. Wait and see. Let me remind our readers about one of Ribadu’s escapades.

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A tale of two defectors: Fani-Kayode and Ribadu(2)

When Femi Fani-Kayode took to politics, he embarked on a treacherous journey which had caused his father ruination because he could have been Nigeria’s most celebrated lawyer – if he had kept to his learned profession. Chief Remi Fani-Kayode, was the country’s youngest Queen’s Counsel, QC – the equivalent of today’s Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN. But, sadly, neither his proficiency in law nor his unfortunate foray into politics is remembered by most people. Pity. Among other things he talked tough and was widely known as Fani Power.

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A tale of two defectors: Fani-Kayode and Ribadu

A honest politician, like a chaste prostitute, is almost an oxymoron – a contradiction in terms. Still there are a few who are passably honest and stay true to the ideals associated with them from start to finish. By contrast, the nation had witnessed a tragic-comical episode of two young politicians who in the space of a few years have turned themselves into political nuisances.

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Congrats Aregbesola; great challenge Omisore

From the day after the Ekiti Election until two weeks ago, I received several text messages from PDP supporters, as well as those who just wanted to taunt me for declaring my support for Governor Fayemi who lost the election. I was unperturbed because I know that a democracy means that there must be at least two candidates contesting and one person must win – irrespective of whether the election is free and fair. And the fact that the majority had selected the winner does not always mean that they have chosen wisely.

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Why are we insulting President Jonathan?

On Wednesday May 28, 2014, I went to visit an elder statesman, from the Niger Delta, in Nigeria. On the same day, several newspapers carried the story about Mrs Patience Jonathan asking (begging? ordering?) people to stop insulting her husband – the President. My senior friend/Oga took out his iPad and showed me an audio/visual recording titled Na You One Waka Come. That spoof mercilessly and viciously lampooned Jonathan and his wife. At first, I found the stuff amusing; then it became annoying and finally alarming.

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The promise of death in Akwa Ibom —2

Crimes have been committed in Akwa Ibom State – murders, kidnappings, arson, abduction, extortion – most of which had not been solved by the Nigeria Police or the SSS till today. By 2009, according to the Annual Report of the Nigeria Police, Akwa Ibom, hitherto low on the league table of states for crimes had risen to the number one position. It was definitely not the sort of “trophy” any state governor would like to keep on his shelf.

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The promise of death in Akwa Ibom – 1

I expected a response from Akpabio. But, threat of death for those he described as “politicians seeking power through backdoor”, whatever that means, was not one of them. I had also hoped that Akpabio through his spokespersons or directly to the public would disclaim the statement credited to him. “I was misquoted” has, after all become the standard cry of politicians who realize that they have said something better left unsaid. But, three days had passed and there had been no denial. Are we then supposed to understand that a governor in the democratic Federal Republic of Nigeria is declaring death on people who have not been tried for any crime warranting a death sentence?

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Aregbesola deserves second term

Certainly, most good leaders are enigmatic individuals who invariably sharply divide the society. Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State is one such political leader. Since making his grand entrance into political office in Lagos State, Aregbesola had carved for himself a niche as a workaholic and an original thinker. He is also totally passionate about what he chooses to do. And like late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, late General Murtala Mohammed, late Gani Fawehinmi and late Chief Bola Ige, you always know where he stands on any issue. That, to me, is the most important attribute of a leader. One might not always agree with him, but, you know where he stands. Very few Nigerian leaders who had occupied executive positions could be so described. So despite the setback to the All Progressive Congress, APC, in Ekiti, there is no hesitation endorsing this most complex of all the governors in Nigeria.

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