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Dino Melaye,

Dino Melaye and the Nigerian big man

The police have been at Senator Dino Melaye’s gate. They have been there for days. The weight of that absurdity has fallen not on Dino Melaye who has been literally clowning;  not on his friends and family  who haven’t been consumed by shame; not on the police who seem lost; not on the  Atiku campaign who thinks its not a moral burden; not on the society who seem apathetic.

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Atiku Abubakar and his Sakaba tale

Lt Col Sakaba  died for his country.  He was killed by Boko Haram insurgents last month. He left a wife  and a baby boy. He was the commander of the battalion that was overrun by Boko Haram in Metele. That massacre at Metele sparked more national anger than sorrow. The military admitted, hesitantly, the horror  but claimed that the casualty figures thrown around were the work of mischief makers. Late Sakaba and his soldiers were buried in the midst of doubts, anguish  and recriminations.

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The priesthood and the political mercenary

Father Mbaka is an ordained priest of the Catholic Church. He is revered in Enugu. He   is a household name in Igbo land.   Many cardinals aren’t that lucky.   His adoration ministry meets the spiritual and physical needs of his   poor   and desperate flock. Father Mbaka’s sermons talk about heaven but they are known   for their blistering political contents. Mbaka perhaps understands that bad governance is worse than all the Mosaic plagues that befell Pharaoh’s country men.    His poor congregation therefore sees him   more as a freedom fighter than a distributor of holy communion. If Father Mbaka has acquired many antagonists it is because of his rampant foray into politics from the shield of the Catholic Pulpit. His style is pugnacious.   His   bishops as a big head priest with a loose tongue.  

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