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The fall and fall of our big prophets

Our prophets are coming again.  This is their season. The  big one who is also called a Primate has given it to Saraki.  He has a huge prophetic reputation but statistics show he is not better than a mere pundit. He gets it right not more than half of the time. He is sure Saraki  would win in 2019, but would rule for four years only. We must give him credit for courage. Because in Nigeria, prophecies, when they are prophecies,  are naturally vague.  Often times we hear  inanities like—many people will get married. Every December, we will get many lists from the big prophets. They will contain  the coming of natural disasters like floods and wild fires. No one in their congregation has summoned the irreverence to tell them  that these natural disasters have become part of the global calendar. After such a prediction, when the hurricane season comes, they will dust up their books of prophecies and wave them at us. And their fawning followers will sing alleluia to them and they will smile the smile of true prophets.

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