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Abiola and June12:Buhari’s benevolent spirits have come awake?

Apologies to China Achebe. It appears Buhari’s benevolent spirits have started cracking his palm kernels. It had been one week one trouble. He conceded many own goals. His opponents were euphoric. Some angry  bishops joined the chorus of some  old generals. They wanted him to return  unceremoniously to his farm in Daura. The National Assembly leaders were pursuing vendetta in clandestine flirtation  with impeachment. Then  in one simple stroke against a 25 year old  injustice, his opponents fell into disarray, and the president had his best week in years.

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Wakandanization of Nigeria: An urgent priority for Black race

Rich and successful blacks are denied it. True status belongs to whites only.  Racism may have left the streets but it has burrowed in  hearts. It basks  in  bedrooms and private gardens, out of the view of political correctness. It seems almost immortal. Rosean Barr, a popular American television star, took a few tablets of Ambien for insomnia  and called Valeria Jarret an ape. She thinks she made a mistake.  The mistake was that she took to twitter  when the drug had opened the gates of her mind.

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Genital checks: Good move by the RCCG

The  church prohibits  premarital sex. The Bible labels it fornication.  The church condemns premarital physical intimacy between intending couples. The Bible deems it  sexual immorality. The church abhors marital separations and divorces. The Bible says marriage is for better and for worse. And many Christian  denominations interpret the Bible to mean that a divorcee cannot re-marry. So Christian marriage is considered sacrosanct.

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Kaduna and Rivers: A tale of two states

They are home to the two most important towns in Nigeria outside of Lagos: the headquarters of the Northern and Eastern regions.  They are a story of  a broken promise. Port Harcourt could have been a dazzling garden and port city. It was the place where tourism planned to meet business.  Kaduna represented power and hope. Now, it represents the North and its  baffling  retardation, retrogression. It hosts a multitude of educational institutions yet owns  a teeming population of  idle illiterate youths.

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Lord Rochas Okorocha and his son-in-law project

Rochas Okorocha is his own enemy. He preaches power  rotation and Igbo presidency in Abuja.  But at home, he wants to keep the Imo governorship in his family’s piggy bank.  He has built more roads than any other governor  in Imo state’s history.  But he is known  outside the state only for puerility and building  of statues. Okorocha  has energy and drive. But he lacks circumspection and sense of  optics.

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Dapchi School girls

Dapchi: The war against Boko Haram must become a Jihad

Dapchi does not call for finger pointing and trading of blames. Dapchi demands clear eyed  sober reflection.  Dapchi is an unspeakable  calamity. One hundred and ten  teenage girls  snatched from their school by Boko Haram vultures. The nation, four years after Chibok, has failed disastrously to protect children in a school. It’s truly a national disgrace.  But we must understand the precariousness of our situation.  And we must channel our anger  and grief into rescuing the girls and into exterminating  the scourge.

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