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Kachikwu’s Letter : A tale of absurdities

Ministers often can’t see presidents, for many months. It’s common in Nigeria. It didn’t start today. Some ministers get fenced out. They attend executive council meetings like houseboys. They  run around their offices with air of exaggerated importance. They are mistaken as men of power.  They  servilely praise the president at every opportunity. They walk around with a façade of importance. But nothing more. They can’t see the president. They can’t confide in him.

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BIAFRA: The Army and IPOB

Biafra was justice and freedom. But Biafra has become a tool for charlatans, a toy for dissipation of youthful exuberance. Biafra once evoked Igbo unity and enterprise. But Biafra has now been appropriated by jobless opportunists who exploit the frustrations of their poor brothers. Biafra was Igbo fellowship. But this their  new Biafra  thrives on  cannibalizing  fellow Igbos. Biafra was consultation, consensus. This Biafra is now  extremism, hallucination, egocentrism. 

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Ibrahim Idris

Senator Missau and Police : The rise and rise of apathy and shamelessness

Nothing baffles the public anymore. A senator accused the Inspector General of Police of corruption. He painted a picture of money for postings and promotion. No one felt enough repugnance to demand an inquiry.  Zero tolerance for corruption is a mere slogan. He announced that the police hierarchy leases policemen to companies and individuals and feeds on the returns.

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Charlie Boy: Cudgels and clubs chasing freedom and reason into hiding

I remember 2015. The APC could not campaign in Okrika, Rivers State. Thrice they went, thrice they scampered away. Gun men shot at them with righteousness. APC supporters were sellouts. The police couldn’t help them. Their constitutional rights had limitations. They could not exercise  in the den of a certain lioness. The APC cried all kinds of freedom cries, and cursed the abuse of power.

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Is Mama Patience Faka Jonathan really crying wolf?

Mama is not crying wolf. Jackals and hyenas are everywhere. Mama Peace says EFCC agents have tried to kill her twice. Mama suspects they will come again. Mama didn’t go to the police. Perhaps she has no confidence in them. Her brother, Governor Wike said the Inspector General wants to kill him. So mama has taken her case to the House of Representatives. If Mama were not a retired Permanent Secretary, I would have said she was mixing hallucinations with reality. But Mama can’t be lying. Permanent secretaries are beyond sensational lies.

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