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The PDP and the premature hosanna

The PDP is euphoric. But it must contain itself.  Its concentration must be on the electoral map. It must formulate  a concise message. No one has heard it say how it plans to curb corruption. All it does is hysterical  lamentation of  the poor performance of the ruling party.  The PDP has been on the ropes for too long. Succor has come.

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Fayose , Fayemi and advanced stomach infrastructure

In 2014, Ekiti governorship election held. The results astounded everyone. The opposition party in the state walloped the incumbent governor. Fayose won in all local government areas. Fayose  thumped his chest and bragged about knowing the feelings of the people. He ridiculed the defeated incumbent governor, Fayemi, for being insensitive and aloof. He dismissed his ideas as too intellectual, too naive. Fayemi and his party had been impeded, harassed and terrorized by federal security agents controlled by Fayose, deployed by  President Jonathan. But the election  results left Fayemi with no room for grumbling. He conceded the election, and congratulated Fayose.

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Our politicians have gone mad again!

There is nothing that hasn’t happened recently. We were told angels were gathering.  They  were burning with the desire to save Nigeria from a certain apocalypse. But we are now seeing familiar vultures congregating, returning with outstretched necks. And wolves have started  coming back, not in sheep’s clothing, but as ravenous wolves.

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State Police : A scary but potentially potent therapy

State police is  in the works. The Vice-president wants it. The deputy Senate president wants to fast track a bill.  Political restructuring can as well come in bits. It appears, we cannot swallow it whole. Power devolution will enhance shared sense of belonging.  A weakened centre will reduce power struggle and cake-sharing mentality that have  with rabid tribalism engendered a perverted sense of nationhood.

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Adams Oshiomhole:The man for the season

A new crankshaft seems  in place. The frothing of oil and the  confused combustion must end now. The first  task is to mend, stitch and stand  the party. The outgoing chairman was allowed to linger for a little too long. He had been  a slack chain. Then he  broke and  lashed around and left vengeance everywhere. Oshiomhole has inherited a house littered with  political IEDS. The second task will be   employ the revamped  party to plow the political fields of the nation.

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Wolves in sheep’s clothing:Lagos pharmacies and quackery

The rot is deep. The health sector is a suppurating sore. Quackery is rife.  If there is regulation, it doesn’t catch rogues. In nearly every district in Lagos there are flourishing  fake clinics. It isn’t just auxiliary nurses masquerading full time as doctors.  There are people who have received no medical training  but who are  confidently running thriving hospitals. The unsuspecting public are not to blame.  Patients do not usually scrutinize doctors licenses and qualifications. This army of  counterfeit doctors  attend to light and grave cases  and  routinely evacuate products of unwanted  conception. The roadside patent medicine dealers have been around since the ages. They have been dangerously filling gaps left by a decrepit health system. They  play the roles of doctors, pharmacists and nurses, combined.  They are responsible for most of the avoidable deaths from illegal abortion.

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Abiola and June12:Buhari’s benevolent spirits have come awake?

Apologies to China Achebe. It appears Buhari’s benevolent spirits have started cracking his palm kernels. It had been one week one trouble. He conceded many own goals. His opponents were euphoric. Some angry  bishops joined the chorus of some  old generals. They wanted him to return  unceremoniously to his farm in Daura. The National Assembly leaders were pursuing vendetta in clandestine flirtation  with impeachment. Then  in one simple stroke against a 25 year old  injustice, his opponents fell into disarray, and the president had his best week in years.

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Wakandanization of Nigeria: An urgent priority for Black race

Rich and successful blacks are denied it. True status belongs to whites only.  Racism may have left the streets but it has burrowed in  hearts. It basks  in  bedrooms and private gardens, out of the view of political correctness. It seems almost immortal. Rosean Barr, a popular American television star, took a few tablets of Ambien for insomnia  and called Valeria Jarret an ape. She thinks she made a mistake.  The mistake was that she took to twitter  when the drug had opened the gates of her mind.

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