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Banditry and Boko Haram:The North slept for too long!

The north must wake up now. It must not murder sleep.The north saw nothing coming.  Population was deemed  strength. But it should have watched when others slowed down in breeding. It bred too many children and didn’t do much to care for them. They  roamed the streets. Yet, it bred more.  They forsook schools. And took to begging . Yet, it bred more. Those children, many of them, have gone feral. Now,the north cannot sleep. The north slept for too long.

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Our former presidents are absent again!

There have been two public national ceremonies in two weeks. The seats reserved for former heads of state were empty. General Gowon sat alone on May 29. On June 12, leaders came from other countries. But our former leaders stayed away from our celebration of democracy. In Banana republics, former leaders live in forced exile in foreign lands. But in our great country, they are free men.  What then could be their anger? And what could be this message?

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Okorocha, EFCC

Imo and Iberiberism:Chapter 2

The Akachi tower may have been a useless monument. But it was  a government’s white elephant. It was built with public funds.  It could have been  a poor imagination of what could attract tourists and excite residents.  But those who did not like it should  have simply built a better one. After all , Imo still has a lot of  unkempt virgin lands.

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Sanusi, UN

Lamido Sanusi : An Emir on the ropes

Lamido Sanusi came to national lime light in 2009. He had been a banker.  President Yaradua  appointed  him Central Bank Governor. He met a banking industry seized by  sleaze and drowning in systemic arbitrariness.  He  found dubious book keeping everywhere. He took implicated   bank executives by the scruff of the neck  and dragged them and their filth out of their banks into the streets and into the arms of the law.

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Pastor, private jet

Our pastors and their private jets

The Bible says, in all our getting,  we should get understanding. I don’t know if our pastors can help their poor congregations understand this growing appetite for private jets. It’s possible that some pastors actually need  jets. And that their work for God would suffer if they traveled like the rest of us. I am not asking pastors to travel by donkey.  But before pastors buy jets , they should understand that private jets are symbols of opulence. The Bible warns us to avoid wastefulness.

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Strip bars are spreading promiscuously

Strip bars are sprouting everywhere.  It’s a cancerous phenomenon.A friend saw the house next door go up for sale. Then the buyer, the new owner,  began a curious renovation. When he was done, he hung  a cryptic sign. The neighborhood resisted the invasion by a putative beer parlor. The  beer parlor resisted the onslaught of anxious neighbours.  The law enforcement agents showed naked lethargy. The patrons of the new investment overwhelmed the moral disgust of the finicky  neighbours. The beer park-our stood.

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