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Lagos politics and the ubiquitous Igbo

Igbo is a migrant tribe. Lagos is a melting pot. Igbos will always abound in Lagos, any Lagos. They can’t be stopped. And can’t stop themselves.  They have taken their industriousness  everywhere. They have become the mostly widely dispersed and widely entrenched race in Nigeria and perhaps Africa. Lagos is where things happen.  Igbos are made for Lagos.

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The brutality of death

Everyone must die. Death is a debt we must all pay. Youth gives us a false sense of immortality. But age clears the fog.  We see our friends and family disappear. And that illusory immortality fades. Death makes life finite and therefore  precious. But it’s the arbitrariness of death  that makes living a nervous enterprise.

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Dino Melaye and the Nigerian big man

The police have been at Senator Dino Melaye’s gate. They have been there for days. The weight of that absurdity has fallen not on Dino Melaye who has been literally clowning;  not on his friends and family  who haven’t been consumed by shame; not on the police who seem lost; not on the  Atiku campaign who thinks its not a moral burden; not on the society who seem apathetic.

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