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Of Names and Titles and Caricatures

Idi Amin was sick. He sought to be officially addressed as “ His excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal, Al Hadji, Doctor, Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO,MC, Lord of All the beasts of the Earth and fishes of the seas and conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in general and Uganda in particular, the life and death of Uganda.

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Nigeria: A nation of wife-beaters?

That Anglican church, that was my church in the late 70s and 80s had prayer sessions on Wednesday mornings. And the congregation more than once, had to do more than praying. Shrills and wails of the “mother of the parish” were familiar to some and when they pierced the serenity of the sanctuary , even fervent prayers had to be aborted.

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Xenophobic South Africa and hypocritical Nigeria

One religious crisis , throats will be slit and thousands will perish.
Nigeria. The supposedly pious will zealously and sanctimoniously disembowel pregnant women and disgorge fetuses. Some innocent non indigenes of the wrong faith will have to choose between dying by the knife or drowning in a well. Hopes and livelihoods will disappear. Many, fortunate, will run hundreds of kilometers to the safety of their hometowns .

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Of Igbos and political naivety

The Igbo man’s shrewdness and foresightedness is the envy of many. With a keen sense of competition and a culture that greatly rewards industry, the Igbo man seeks success wherever it can be found. And the Igbo is not just one of the most dispersed groups in the world but also one of the most successful. And while they are reputed for outstanding commercial instincts they can match any other African ethnic group in their aptitude for learning and academic achievements and excellence in sports and other professional endeavours.

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The worldly church of a ‘Religious’ society

By Ugoji Egbujo ‘Shoki’ has invaded the church and nearly every dance step is infected including choir members’. But Shoki, like skelewu before it, is perhaps harmless. Materialism, opportunism and vain glory have taken front pews and chased spirituality to the back benches, and that is trouble. Pre-occupation with prosperity and instantaneous gratifications and miracles
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The men around Buhari: Ballast or Albatross ?

A tree does not make a forest and the forest that APC must be , must consist of all sorts of trees.
However, as they say, when the head is rotten then the fish is rotten. Buhari’s performance, if elected , will depend on his personal attributes , the men around him and the institutions they are able to foster but much more on the mission he elects to undertake. He must have a clear mission.

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