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Nigeria’s inhuman Prisons -2

A certain inmate who supervised Abacha’s security left a mark in the prison by catering for inmates and warders. He rebuilt the tennis court and hired counsels for some inmates. He dispensed cash and succor to all, and he , in return, acquired uncommon privileges. In a prison where everything has a price tag, rich inmates receive visitors in the offices of very senior prison officials. And are generally specially catered for by warders and fellow inmates.

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Nigeria’s inhuman Prisons -1

By Ugoji Egbujo With a facade of neat compounds, trimmed hedges and a beautiful tennis court , the Kirikiri prison must approximate a well kept tomb . Because the rottenness is on the inside. Or nearly so. Extortion starts from the gates. This should be the age of rights . Domestic animals have a plethora
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Our rickety hospitals and a health system in shambles (2)

Everyday people die from illnesses that have easy cures . They are denied healthcare because they cannot pay. They die because they are poor. And many are poor because they lack opportunity. But even those who are poor , the way libertarians would have us believe , should not die cheaply. Our common humanity must mean more. Every civilized society must aspire to attain free/affordable health care for all its citizens.

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Our rickety hospitals and a health system in shambles

When you hear some of the cases of medical malpractice that have become all too rampant now you can’t but conclude that some medical doctors have become petty fraudsters. It’s one thing to commit a mistake that falls below the standard expected of doctors or even one that borders on ‘criminal’ negligence , it is however egregious evil to engage in activities aimed primarily at defrauding patients. And tragically, in many of these cases, hapless victims must “leave it to God”

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Rape and Abortion and the Society

Integrity – principled consistency, is a cherished value but it has a high price tag.
Some situations come to test the moral positions of people. A most unwanted pregnancy in a raped and psychologically shattered young teenage girl will test the conviction of many who consider abortion of the fetus at all stages to be murder.

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LASTMA is a coherent argument against state police

Any real encounter with Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) officials leaves you with only one impression – area boys in government uniforms. And true to type they stalk, hound and hunt in packs with the ferocity typical of wild cats. Vultures are patient , they circle and feast on carcasses . LASTMA’s preferred mode is more hyena -like. Isolate or entrap one or two confused , naïve or luckless motorists and pounce.

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Of Names and Titles and Caricatures

Idi Amin was sick. He sought to be officially addressed as “ His excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal, Al Hadji, Doctor, Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO,MC, Lord of All the beasts of the Earth and fishes of the seas and conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in general and Uganda in particular, the life and death of Uganda.

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Nigeria: A nation of wife-beaters?

That Anglican church, that was my church in the late 70s and 80s had prayer sessions on Wednesday mornings. And the congregation more than once, had to do more than praying. Shrills and wails of the “mother of the parish” were familiar to some and when they pierced the serenity of the sanctuary , even fervent prayers had to be aborted.

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Xenophobic South Africa and hypocritical Nigeria

One religious crisis , throats will be slit and thousands will perish.
Nigeria. The supposedly pious will zealously and sanctimoniously disembowel pregnant women and disgorge fetuses. Some innocent non indigenes of the wrong faith will have to choose between dying by the knife or drowning in a well. Hopes and livelihoods will disappear. Many, fortunate, will run hundreds of kilometers to the safety of their hometowns .

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