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Should we surrender to dictatorship?

I WAS worried when I saw a presenter on a breakfast show engaging a senator during an interview session last week.The intelligent and highly professional lady was very aggressive and combative that morning. She would not allow the Senator’s thoughts flow with intermittent and hostile interjections such that the interviewee who was very soft spoken almost lost his cool insisting she let him make his point.

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Akpabio and APCidal self-combustion

I DEDICATE this week’s headline to one of those who taught me “what they were not paid to teach ” in my days at Ife,Prof. G.G Darah .

As students leaders in Ife in the late 80s we came up with the idea to honour legal icon,Chief Gani Fawehinmi with a life membership of our union. He was also to be accorded our creation of Senior Advocate of the Masses,SAM, in derision of the Legal Practitioners Privileges Committee that would not confer the Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, on him largely on account of his anti-establishment credentials. I recall meeting Gani at his Anthony Lagos Chambers to present our offer letter to him. He was in a black suit,white shirt and a blue tie.Smiles spread across his lips as he said: “I gladly accept this and will treasure it more than any other award.”

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