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Poverty/Begging Cause: Abandonement of farming (3)

Over the last two editions I have undertaken an examination of extreme poverty which now pervades the country and how the gap between the rich and the poor appear to be widening by the day. However ours is a country rich in resources and which at one time in its history exploited those sources to the good of its citizenry. This however was before the discovery of Oil.

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Poverty: Are the poor to blame? (1)

Nigeria, with over 70% of its population in abject poverty ended the year 2017 with a return of scarcity of Petroleum products. This singular event had a domino effect on all other aspects of economic life so much so that many Nigerians had a very bleak Christmas and end of the year celebration. It was a stark reminder that poverty is real and is much with us as a nation, decades after independence. Most newspaper screening headlines read as follows:

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Forced slavery and self imposed slavery in Nigeria and beyond (2)

Last week I traced the origin of the slave trade and how slaves captured in Africa were transported to the New World in harrowing conditions which left millions dead. I detailed the efforts made to curb the trade and how within Africa itself there was some form of opposition to the eventual abolition of the trade in slaves. However as stated last week modern Africans seem intent in imposing themselves different variants of the slave trade. How else can one describe the lengths many go to “flee” Africa for Europe, an objective that often involves a dangerous perilous walk through the sahara desert and a very dangerous journey across the Mediterranean sea? Thousands upon thousands including Nigerians have drowned in the Mediterranean. As at October 2016, the UNHCR reported that 3,740 migrants had lost their lives attempting to cross the Mediterranean from Africa into Europe and the said figure was just short of the 3,771 reported for the whole of 2015. Writing on the subject an online commentator stated as follows:

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Morals, Rule of Law, and Partisaship in Nigerian Politics

Every society is governed by a set of rules by which its members are expected to conduct their affairs. Within the society itself, different classes of persons are governed by different sets of rules unique to their circumstances. For example, medical doctors are bound by what is known as the Hippocratic Oath whilst in Nigeria Legal Practitioners are bound by the Legal Practitioners Code of Conduct. Even amongst the military and before the adoption of the Geneva Convention on conduct of war fare, a defined set of rules had over the centuries been developed to guide soldiers on the battle field in the treatment of the enemy. Therefore, hardly can one find a sphere of modern society that is not regulated by some form of rules and regulations.

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Inter-State transportation in Nigeria: Problems (1)

“The revival, resuscitation, development and modernization of 21st century rail system is a sine qua non to the liberation of the country from the shackles of primitive and outdated rail system we presently operate.   Until very recently when some works were carried out on the almost abandoned Nigerian rail lines, most Nigerians no longer remembered that railway even existed in the country! Such was the extent of the neglect the rail system suffered in our dear country”.

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Chinese leader calls for 'smooth' Kim-Trump talks

Trump vs Kim Jong-Un: Is mass destruction inevitable? (2)

Last week I started a discussion of the current impasse between the United States of America and North Korea brought about by the latter’s continued nuclear weapons program in the course of which it has fired several test missiles while the world watches on with trepidation. Before continuing my discussion I wish to reproduce a contribution I received from a reader, O.J Enitame, which in my view introduces a new and interesting dimension to the issue.

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