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Need for single six-year term for President, governors (2)

Last week I began an examination of the long standing debate on the desirability of abandoning the current four year tenure in favour of a single seven or six year tenure. I stated the fact that the current four year tenure and the need for re-election brings about too much distraction to the incumbent. I referred to the ongoing preparations for the elections and the resultant effect it has had on the day to day running of some states in which the Governors have for several months devoted their entire attention to issues of re-election.

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Need for single six-year term for President, governors

With the gradual approach of the 2019 elections, I have discussed several issues connected to the enthronement of a true democratic culture such as the need to ensure credibility of candidates of political parties, constant defection of politicians and the absence of identifiable ideologies of political parties. However, some developments with such defections and the skewed process of nomination of candidates have remained constant

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Impeachment of Gov or Deputy gov: Lawful procedure (3)

This week I will continue my discussion with a focus on the developments in Imo State. The act of the House of Assembly in proceeding with the said impeachment despite the fact that there was a Court order restraining it from so doing is deplorable and same should be condemned. For starters, it is settled that all persons against whom an order of Court is made are duty bound to respect and obey same until same has been set aside by a Court of competent jurisdiction. It is not within the election of parties to choose whether or not to obey a Court order. Please see the case of NGERE V. OKURUKET (2014) 11 NWLR (PT. 1417) 147 @ PG. 173, PARAS F-G, where it was held that:

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2019 general elections and the question of national unity: The Constitution and credible candidates (5)

The immediate impact of this is felt in the corruption that has pervaded our political class. Each state and local government receives what is known as monthly allocation from the Federal Government of Nigeria. The ongoing prosecution of some past office holders on account of misappropriation of funds from the monthly allocations of their state or local government shows that the said allocation is seen by politicians as a prime opportunity to corruptly enrich themselves.

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