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Poverty and the Nigerian attitude to giving (2)

P&ID, Nigeria, China

Nigeria is at the moment faced with several problems ranging from dilapidating infrastructure in every facet of public life, poor or inadequate medical facilities, ill-equipped educational institutions etc.

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environmental sanitation

Illegality of forceful restriction of movement on account of environmental sanitation

ON September 28, 2019, residents of states such as Oyo, Ekiti and Ogun will be restricted to their homes from 7.00 am to about 9.00 am or 10.00 am. The restriction, which is observed in several other states of the Federation on the last Saturday of every month, was first introduced by the military to force Nigerians to remain indoors and clean their surroundings. However, 20 years after the end of military rule, Nigerians are still stuck with this relic from our past.

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Repositioning legal education for national development (4)

I AM a good beneficiary of quality primary education as my formal classroom education ended at primary school. Everything I am today is due to the quality education inculcated in me by my teachers at Emmanuel Primary School, Ado-Ekiti in those days. It was this that made it possible for me to read at home to pass my GCE Ordinary Level and GCE Advanced Level and went ahead to obtain my B.Sc (Economics) of the University of London in 1959 and LL.B of the same university in 1963, both by private studies.

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Relevance of separation of powers and its application to Nigeria

THE principle of law    is that one cannot give that which he does not have. This principle is derived from the Latin maxim – nemo dat non habet. It is upon this threshold that modern state constitutions acknowledge and embody the doctrine of separation of powers in the delineation of governmental powers to institutions and functionaries of government in such a manner that each circuit of governmental powers namely: legislative, executive and judiciary are administered by separate and distinct individuals.

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keystone bank

Offshore banking and money laundering (2)

LAST week I began an examination of the relationship between offshore banking and money laundering. I stated how money laundering offences have become common place in Nigeria and how restrictions on the physical movement of cash have forced criminally minded persons to come up with different ways to move funds which are the product of illicit activities across borders. Having given an explanation of the concept of offshore banking it is imperative to explain briefly just what is meant by money laundering.

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