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Big trouble, as more Nigerians sink deeper into poverty

Convocation of sovereign national confab before the 2023 general elections (2)

TRUTH be told, Nigeria cannot afford the extension of the warped 1999 Constitution and the attendant sufferings it has imposed on majority of Nigerians for another four years. The consequences can only be imagined. I would, therefore, like to personally appeal to President Buhari to follow up on what he began towards the end of last year by surprising Nigerians with a Bill to the National Assembly asking for the convocation of a Sovereign National Conference.

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Minimum Wage: Labour, Ondo government talks deadlock, reconvenes Tuesday

National minimum wage: Need to move from exclusive to concurrent legislative list (1)

AS Nigerians mark the beginning of a new year, it is certain that the controversy surrounding the adoption and implementation of a new minimum wage of N30,000 (Thirty thousand Naira) which started in 2018 will again snowball into 2019. This is despite the decision of the Federal Government to begin the implementation of the new wage at the Federal Level. However, as many state governments are yet to indicate their commitment to the new wage structure, organised labour has again threatened to continue the agitation for a nationwide implementation.

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The scourge of open defecation in Nigeria: Need for immediate and urgent intervention

RECENTLY, and indeed in  times past, Nigeria had led global demographics in open defecation. The blight of open defecation has, among the issues plaguing the nation, put Nigeria in negative limelight in world polity. Therefore, in this edition, I shall discuss the spate of open defecation in Nigeria as well as the adverse health implications of this unwholesome act, and possible solutions to ensure its complete eradication in Nigeria as a whole.

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Bail: Presumption of innocence and right to liberty (2)

LAST week, I discussed the entitlement of Nigerian citizens to liberty, and particularly when charged with the commission of an offence, the right of the person to presumption of innocence and bail. This week, I intend to discuss the rather unfortunate trend in the prescription of very harsh, near impossible conditions imposed by judges in our courts for the grant of bail. I will equally give a brief highlight of what operates in other jurisdictions in terms of bail and conditions for its grant.

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Dichotomy between polytechnic, university education: Need for technological training, devt

By Afe Babalola TERTIARY education in Nigeria is undertaken via two primary fora: polytechnics and universities. While polytechnic education is usually geared towards technical and vocational education, usually in the field of technology, applied science, commerce and management, university education is not limited to technical or vocational teachings alone, but encompasses an array of topical
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Administrator urges FG to allow truck with legitimate goods

Nigeria’s Border Closure: Government deserves support of Nigerians (2)

LAST week, I began an examination of the issues relating to the closure of Nigeria’s borders, its effect on the nation’s economy and production of locally made goods. This week, I intend to proceed on a discourse of the pros and cons of the closure while identifying areas government can improve upon to address problems which brought about a need for the closure in the first instance.

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