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Millions of dollars/naira: Abandonment/discovery principles of bona vancatia/res nullius/treasure trove

By Afe Babalola “The question however is whether the government can legitimately spend what legally is not its? Put in another way, can government without more proceed to spend the recovered monies merely because they were abandoned properties? Or is something else required to vest proprietary interests of these monies in government before it can
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Moulding Nigeria into a nation (3)

LAST week I discussed how issues of ethnicity and diversity have continued to plague Nigeria since independence. Prior to that I had detailed how the independence Constitution, following meticulous planning by the nation’s founding fathers, had addressed that same diversity and put in place a system of government that ensured that the regions making up the country thrived

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Moulding Nigeria into a nation

“It is clear that the fate which has befallen Nigeria is not too different from that which has befallen other African countries. Since 1885 when the area Nigeria was shared to Britain, Nigerians have not been able to imbibe the spirit of nationhood. The fact is that every Nigerian is firstly a member of his ethnic group before he is a Nigerian.”
IN the past weeks I discussed extensively how Nigeria can revive agriculture as a means of recovery from its current economic challenges. As a marker of how deep the problem is, the government some days ago established a task force on food security.

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Nigeria and Economic Recession: Way out (8)

“In the absence of improved food processing methods and storage facilities, the fear of losing these products due to the effects of nature is one factor that may prevent farmers from engaging in their cultivation on a much larger scale than that which exists at the moment. Therefore it may be counter-productive for any farmer to heed the call of government by participating in whatever measures are introduced to boost crop production without assurances that facilities will be put in place for the storage of the products.”

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