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Awoism and the unending search for transformational leadership in Nigeria: Challenges

ON March 6, 2018 I was conferred with the 2018 Obafemi Awolowo Prize for Leadership. As part of the award ceremony, I delivered a lecture which revolved around the political philosophy of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo and the eternal search for transformational leadership in Nigeria. Owing to the relevance of this issue to current events in Nigeria, and my conviction that there is still so much that the current crop of Nigerian political leaders can learn from past leaders, I have decided to serialise the lecture over the course of the coming weeks.

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INEC under 1999 Constitution: Amend INEC law to permit electronic transmission of results (3)

In the last two weeks I have identified areas requiring amendments to the law to strengthen the electoral process and aid the election of transformational leaders. Specifically last week, I advocated an adoption of electronic means of transmission of election results by INEC to forestall the growing incidents of attacks on electoral officials and also changes to the law to mandate the determination of pre-election matters well before the conduct of the elections themselves. Two events have since further brought home the need for these changes. The first was the admission of INEC itself during the week that it has increasingly come under attack by hoodlums desirous of snatching or destroying results sheets so as to stop collation, while the second relates to two judgements delivered by the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory and the Court of Appeal regarding validity of the nomination of the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party at the gubernatorial election in Osun State. That issues touching on the nomination of the candidate are yet to be fully resolved, months after the conduct of the election is indeed worrying. This week I will discuss further specific areas that require attention if Nigeria is to elect transformational leaders. Full restructuring:

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INEC under 1999 Constitution: Amend INEC law to permit electronic transmission of results (2)

Last week I identified some of the problems which adversely affected the smooth conduct of the last general elections. I stated how electoral violence contributed to voter apathy and how the huge number of political parties may actually not be good for the country’s democracy. As I stated last week, many of the identified problems can be addressed through amendments to the Constitution and the Electoral Act.

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INEC under 1999 Constitution: Need to amend the electoral law for election of transformational leaders

“The solutions to many of the issues highlighted above and more lie in an urgent amendment to the Electoral Act. Happily there is already in place an Amendment Act which unfortunately failed to receive the assent of President Buhari ostensibly on the ground that it was passed and presented too close to the holding of the last elections”

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INEC under 1999 Constitution: Election of transformation leaders

THE 2019 general elections have come and gone. As was evident from the outset, the elections have been characterised by controversy. While some candidates and their parties have expressed satisfaction with the entire process, it has not been so with others. At the centre of it all is the Independent National Electoral Commission whose conduct of the elections has again come under intense scrutiny. That this would be so was clear from accusations and counter accusations made before the elections by the major political parties about the impartiality or independence of the electoral umpire.

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APC, Nigeria: Fulani/Farmers crisis and the end of hypocrisy

The election of ideal leaders and our electoral process (2)

LAST week I discussed the problems associated with leadership in Nigeria and the need for election of ideal leaders. I stated how the lack of political ideology and the attractive nature of public office have ensured that most people who get elected into office pay little or no attention to service to the citizens. This week I will proffer suggestions on how to bring an end to the malaise brought about by poor leadership.

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The election of ideal leaders and our electoral process (1)

Elections are all about choosing leaders and I believe that no question has called for discussion in the history of our nation such as the question of leadership. Prior to and since independence, Nigerians from all walks of life have as a result of their individual and collective experiences made the issue of the country’s leadership a hot topic of debate in beer parlours, sport stadiums, buses, classrooms and board rooms. Every problem has been blamed on poor leadership. Improved leadership has been offered as panacea to all ills of the society. The quality of leadership in every aspect of our lives affects and concerns us all.

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