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Merkel: World needs to act after hearing youth ‘wake-up call’


German Chancellor Angela Merkel says there “is no doubt” that climate change is caused by humans, and that the international community needs to listen to scientists and young people around the world. “We have all heard the wake-up call of youth,” said Merkel, referring to the global youth movement in support of climate protection. “Germany
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We use neem trees to combat desertification and create jobs – Dr. Jibunoh

Talk of killing three birds with one stone! In his fight against desertification in the northern part of Nigeria which has claimed hundreds of hectares of farmland, leaving hunger, homelessness and poverty in its wake, Dr Newton Jibunoh, an engineer/environmentalist, has not only been successfully combating desert encroachment by planting neem trees, but has been reducing poverty, empowering women and youths economically and improving the educational infrastructure, teaching and learning aids in the communities.

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Saraki: Now is the time for work

Since the appointment of Bukola Saraki, PDP Senator representing Kwara Central as the Chair of the Senate Committee on Environment, he has consistently spoken about the need to strengthen Environmental Governance in Nigeria especially in relation to threats and challenges of Climate Change.

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