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Will the new automotive policy give us affordable made-in-Nigeria car?

The move by the Federal Government to restrict the importation of fairly used vehicles (Tokunbo) into the country with a new automotive policy through a higher tariff regime is unsettling for many Nigerians, especially low income earners who depend on the vehicles for their daily transportation need as they cannot afford new cars because of high prices. While big car dealers see the policy as a good initiative to resuscitate the local automobile industry, private individuals expressed the fear that prices of imported vehicles may soar once the implementation of the new tariff regime from 35 per cent to 70 per cent begins.

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We need innovations for economic growth – Onuk

Ini Onuk, is one of the gifted Nigerian women who believe women are the fragrance of life. She is a woman of many colours. A Lead Consultant/CEO, ThistlePraxis Consulting Limited; a prolific writer who has launched 2nd and 3rd books. In this interview with woman in her prime, she reveals how her company was able to introduce new innovation in 2013 which cut across every sector of the economy. She encourages women to go all out achieving and making impact in the society.

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