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Investors list benefits of engaging the services of Fund Managers

Though the most popular form of investment in the capital market is share, there are other forms which includes, mutual funds and Treasury bill, T-bill, among others. Now talking about fund managers, there are many of them in the country though they are not very popular among investors and some don’t have interest in investing or keeping their money with a fund manager, but this does not negate the benefit of investing through them.

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Phased import substitution policy the way forward – Tunji Owoeye

Rice import policy
The policy of the Federal government is noble and desirable. Any country that is forward looking, will want to pursue that route. The Minister of Agriculture is clear in his vision to grow rice locally, as we have more than 60 percent arable land in Nigeria. Government felt that we should discourage import and encourage our local rice production. The government did not take into consideration, the harm that smugglers will unleash on this noble policy. Now, the importers are put on hold because they cannot compete with the prices of smuggled rice, neither could the farmers and processors.

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