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Consumers lose millions of Naira to power surge

By Nnenna Ezeah
Residents in Lagos State have decried the recent surge in electricity supply from the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN, which they alleged damaged their household and electrical appliances worth several millions of Naira.

Consumers resident in areas such as Surelere, Alafia and Festac Town and a host of others are still counting their losses and have called on the Nigerian Regulatory Electricity Commission, NERC, to come to their rescues.

Many of them who spoke with Vanguard spoke about damages to appliances such as television sets, refrigerators, home theaters, Deep freezers and a host of many more, and regretted that it was quite a pity that a country like Nigeria is still struggling with stable power supply.

“It is bad enough that the power supply situation is not encouraging, but the most annoying part is giving us light that will damage our electrical appliances. Nigeria needs to inculcate efficient and adequate management in the PHCN, as we are tired of replacing and calling upon them to do something about regulating the voltage of power they give,” they lamented.

Many of the residents also admitted that they were not aware that such problems could be reported to the NERC for further actions, if the districts failed to remedy the situation.

Obiageli Dibua, a resident of Aguda, Surulere, complained that the power surge in her area recently blew all the bulbs in her house. “We felt it was because of the kanji Dam issue and had to take it in good faith.”

Alaeto Tobi who lives in Alafia, complained that the high voltage not only damaged his lighting system, but also home theatre and television set. “This is very disheartening as we do not see the light (electricity) and when we do it just destroys our appliance.

We complained to the PHCN workers that came to this area for disconnection, but we believe they did not do anything about it. I did not bother myself to go to the district to complain because Nigeria is just not encouraging.

How many times have issues like this been raised and seen to the end of it. So suing them is not something that can be realized in Nigeria for now although I believe that in future when Nigeria is better something like that can happen.”


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