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Buhari’s 100 days

HERDSMEN ATTACKS: Hunters, vigilante move to eject criminals from old Oyo National Park

AN advocacy group, Yoruba KO’YA Movement, said it will collaborate with the farmers, hunters associations and local vigilante groups to begin a surveillance sweep of the old Oyo National Park area to forestall infiltration and attack from herdsmen attacks.

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Buhari’s 100 days: Democracy as it suits us

Democracy is good for Nigerians; but are Nigerians good for democracy? Ponder that! In the introduction to ‘THE POLITICS BOOK’, the following observations are made: “If everyone could have everything they wanted whenever they wanted, there would be no such thing as politics. Whatever the precise meaning of the complex activity known as politics might be, it is clear that human experience never provides us with everything we want. Instead, we have to compete, struggle, compromise, and, sometimes fight for things.

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