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A Daniel is born

Chief Daniel Okumagba, who lived from 1922 to 2000, was widely acknowledged as a man of truth, courage and discipline. From 1960, when he won election to represent Warri East Constituency at the Western Region House of Assembly in Ibadan, Chief Daniel Okumagba played major roles in Nigeria’s national development.

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Common Themes For Peaceful Co-Existence: The Concept of Resurrection

Most of the passages of the Qur’an that talk about death emphasise its inevitability (Surah 3: 185). This is why in Surah 15:99, death is referred to as alyaqin (that which is certain). The Scripture further teaches that death is not the end of man’s life but a gateway to another form of life. In consequence of this, Surah 89:27–30 issues the divine command to the righteous soul thus: “O (thou) soul in (complete) rest and satisfaction, come back thou to thy Lord well pleased and well pleasing unto Him enter thou among my devotees, enter thou my heaven.”

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Common Themes For Peaceful Co-Existence; The Books: Bible & Qur’an

THE Qur’an is the holy of Islam. The scripture is believed by the Muslims to be the final revelation from God to Mankind (Al-Mallah, 2008:96). It is believed to contain words of God and consequently, it serves as an expression of divine will. According to Charis Waddy (1982:14), if the Qur’an has to be compared with anything in Christianity, it must be compared with Christ Himself.

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Book Serial: Adekunle relieved of 3MCDO command, Obasanjo takes over

Briefing over, Col. Obasanjo was ready to go as commander of 3MCDO, but his very first move was a disaster. In complete disregard of our advice, he planned an attack from the same problematic Sector 1 under Lt. Col. Godwin Ally. The target was again Ohoba, a town 25 miles south of Owerri where Adekunle’s conventional war tactics had resulted in heavy casualties earlier on.

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Book serial: The war proper: 3MCDO’s 30-day march on Port Harcourt

Yesterday you read of Alabi-Isama’s recruits into the Army who were yesterday’s boys that are now today’s big men, as in David mark becoming Senate President, Ogbeha and Afakirya as senators after being state governors, and others. You also read of Biafra’s military blunders as in Alabi-Isama wondering what Biafra attacked the Mid-West for as he thought there were better military objectives.

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Book serial: Alabi-Isama’s recruits: Yesterday’s boys, today’s big men

Yesterday we ran the first instalment of this book serial, in which you read how starched uniforms and brass bands was all it took for young Godwin Alabi-Isama to decide on a lifetime in the military, and trained in Nigeria and Aldershot, England. As tactics instructor at military school, he had the honour of being sent on a recruitment tour during which he brought some of today’s big names into the Army. READ ON.

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Book Serial: Brass bands, starched uniforms: The road to the Army

Fresh accounts of a 40-yr old war
A fresh account of the 1967-70 Nigerian Civil War, by a major actor, beginning with the question: Why the Army for a career? In this first instalment of our serial of this book, Brigadier-General Godwin Alabi-Isama tells his own story, in his own words of how he got attracted to the Army, the recruitment process, training here in Nigeria and abroad, and more. Enjoy his memoirs….

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