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BOOK REVIEW: Creativity, Intrigue And Electoral Outcome

Advertising. Politics. Communication. Creativity. Intrigue. Electoral chaos. Do these concepts have points of convergence? If Yes, Where? How? Why? This size-able seminal work by Sam-Loco Smith ventures into a territory that is at once dear and loathsome to people the world over – with accentuated emphasis on Nigeria, one must add.

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My Stella: One in a Million

Very few women break through the glass ceiling in their careers. This is not necessarily because women are not hard working; it’s just that no matter how much they try, the barriers and limitations to their advancements seem to be stronger than their efforts.

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Mudipapa sets the tone of family love

I am a Roman Catholic, 82 years old and was married to my dear wife, Helen, for 55 years and 9 months before she passed on, on 30thMarch 2018. I was 24 and a fresh graduate from the University College, Ibadan, when I first met my wife, and we were married six months later on June 30, 1962. My wife, née, Helen Anurukem, only 19, had just finished her secondary education at Cornelia Connelly College, Uyo, and after two days of meeting me would write: ‘I had made up my mind. I knew that I would marry this man.’

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The complicity of those who do nothing

Pat Utomi told sordid tales about the weird and fetish lifestyles of our politicians and how those lifestyles negatively affect our own lives. Today, he takes to the cleaners religious leaders and institutions, intellectuals, business communities, student bodies, and young people who stand aside and look and do nothing while criminals in the cloak of politicians have field days.

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