May 30, 2024

We’ve done so much in our first year – Gov Eno

Gov Eno

Gov Umo Eno

…Warn leaders against heating up system

 By Egufe Yafugborhi & Chioma Onuegbu

GOVERNOR Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom state yesterday said his administration has done so much in one year within the resources available to it  to impact directly on the lives of the people especially those in the rural areas of the state.

He noted that in his Inaugural speech,  he  had laid out in clear and unambiguous terms the predicates and direction of his administration, stressing that one year on, in all the 31 Local Government Areas, the impact of the social safety nets provided were being felt by the citizens.

Eno stated these Wednesday at the Uyo Township Stadium Udouma avenue  while addressing the people on the occasion of the first anniversary of his inauguration.

 His words, “While celebrating our past leaders, and the inspirational leadership they had brought to bear, especially in the area of hard infrastructure I had stated that it was now time to focus on soft infrastructure especially in the rural areas.

 “These were my exact words “ To those who may be struggling to put food on the table; to those who may have given up hope because of your current circumstance, hear me and hear me very well; I will be your champion”

“Today, one year after, and in line with the ARISE Agenda’s emphasis on Rural Development we have deployed a host of social safety net initiatives or kitchen table issues that affect families- especially the poor and the most vulnerable groups in line with the poverty reduction goal of our Blueprint.

“Rural Development will continue to be well funded.  As we celebrate this great day, I make bold to say that our policy in this aspect has touched lives and helped bring governance closer to the people and in the process connect the dots of growth and development between the urban and rural communities.

” There is no local government in this state today, that has not felt the impact of our Government.

Our One Project per Local Government is on course and again, the choice of projects to be located in those local government areas were products of consensus.

 “I have approved the next 31 projects in continuation of the one Local Government one project initiative to commence immediately.

​ “Through our ARISE Free Food Voucher/ Security program under the Bulk Purchase Agency, we have intervened in the food supply chain to stabilize the food and improve the access of the poor and vulnerable groups to basic food items.

To date, 208,435 households have benefited from this initiative.

“We have done so much in our first year that we cannot enumerate them all in this speech, a full compilation of our achievements across all the focal areas are included in the publications by the ministry of Information.

  “But it is not only in areas of the provision of social safety nets or humanitarian interventions that we have been applauded and celebrated in the last 12 months. We have, to the best of the resources available, worked to fulfill the promises we made concerning the core areas of the Arise agenda.”

Eno noted that his  administration focused its attention on achieving the eight lofty goals of the agenda and has intentionally deployed multi-sector strategies and actions that prioritize Agricultural and, Tourism development, Environmental management, Women and Youth empowerment,  Security, among others in order to achieve the goals.

 “We have made it clear that there will be no hiding place for criminal elements in our dear state. We created the Ibom Community Watch, a neighborhood watch service that will employ over 5 thousand of our people across the three senatorial districts.

“As earlier stated, we intervened in the food supply chain to stabilize prices of staple foods and improve the access of the poor and vulnerable groups to basic food items. To date, 208,435 households have benefited from our Free Voucher Food programme” Eno noted.

Speaking further the governor recalled on Akwa Ibom leaders not to inflame the passion of the people just to score fleeting political points, but to handle and manage their political differences without heating up the system.

” In my inaugural speech, I stated that as a Pastor, I will work to lower the temperature of partisan politics, and reconcile our people to see politics not as blood sport or a zero-sum game but a noble game of ideas and service.

“So far, everything we have done, has been to work together with our compatriots across party lines. Even though I was elected on the platform of the PDP, but I am a Governor for all Akwaibomites and that has been the way I have run this administration so far.

 “We are one people, united by our shared aspirations and hopes. Political parties are vehicles to win political offices, after which governance sets in. As I have always said, no single party or individual has the monopoly of wisdom, knowledge and power.

“We must work together across party lines and when the time for politics comes we play the game without bitterness.

“Even though we are bipartisan in our approach, no one should test our resolve in maintaining peace and order for which I placed my hands on the Bible and swore to protect We will continue to consult our Elders and use the best brain to achieve our vision of development”, the governor  advised.