April 19, 2024

Tanker drivers union crisis taking dangerous dimension — Bolaji

Tanker drivers union crisis taking dangerous dimension — Bolaji

By Mary Imokhe

THE lingering crisis in the Petroleum Tanker Drivers Section, PTDS, of NUPENG has continued to assume a very dangerous dimension.

The crisis is such that the derivable benefits from this very critical section of the country’s oil industry continues to suffer untold set back.

The genesis of the issue started from internal crisis, when an employee called Olawale Afolabi assumed the role of an overall boss.

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Commenting on the disagreement, a concerned member of one of the warring groups, Babalola Bolaji, stated that Afolabi, who happens to be from NUPENG, has really caused the PTDs a lot of havoc, towards turning it into an ethnic and one man business.

NUPENG has more than 40 branches under it. He said the court should be allowed to settle the matter, because the lingering crisis has affected the PTDS, more so as they have continued to disobey court orders.

He said: “Court ordered that the status quo ante should be allowed to remain and nobody should be removed from office, but they ignored the order and have stopped all our vehicles from working. Our fillings stations have not been working for over seven months.

“Well, according to the reports, they’ve written a letter to NLC, DSS, IGP, and Ministry of Labour to attend to intervene. They invited both parties, but the other party that hijacked the leadership of PTDs did not respond till date, almost four months after.