April 6, 2024

Military can end security challenges – Kwankwaso



A former Minister of Defence, Sen. Musa Kwankwaso, says the military has the capacity to end the current security challenge facing the country, given the necessary motivation.

Kwankwaso, also the National Leader of New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), stated this when he spoke with newsmen shortly after the NNPP National Executive Committee meeting in Abuja.

He said that although it was the responsibility of the Federal Government to address the security challenge, Nigerians also had a crucial role to play by supplying vital information to security agencies.

“As a former Minister of Defence, a former Chief Security Officer of Kano State for eight years, somebody who has gone around and well exposed in this game of politics, I believe that tackling the security challenge is now on the shoulders of the federal government.

“We have seen states form some security outfits. Sometimes, you laugh. The level at which it is today is at the level of Nigerian military, and anything short of that wouldn’t work.

“And everybody must work together to make sure there is peace in this country.

“Some of us who are from villages and even towns can remember how our people were going to farms. Now people cannot go to the farm. They are also being chased from their villages and towns.

“Our children are daily abused and taken away by criminals and bandits in hundreds,“ he said.

Kwankwaso, also the NNPP 2023 presidential candidate, said that his party had the formula to address the problem and other challenges facing the country if given the opportunity by Nigerians.

He said the NNPP was the only hope for Nigerians, saying that the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had failed the people.

Speaking, Gov. Abba Yusuf of Kano State urged party members to be total in their dedication to the party, saying there was nothing like 99 per cent loyalty to the party but 100 per cent.(NAN)