January 15, 2024

‘Policemen not permitted to search citizens’ phones’ – Lagos CP warns 

Attacks on Peter Obi’s supporters in Lagos reprehensible – Police

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Fayoade Adegoke, has warned that police officers are not permitted to search the phones of any Nigerian.

Adegoke stated during a visit to Melody FM, 107.7FM in Lagos on Wednesday.

He noted that the Police Force had a cyber section responsible for that, adding that if a police officer suspected anything, they would take the person to the station so the phone could be searched.

Kayode reaffirmed that bail was unrestricted while urging the public to expose corrupt police officers.

He said, “If you feel you have been cheated by a policeman or a policeman engaged in corruption, kindly report the policeman to his DPO. If the DPO is not forthcoming, report to the Area Commander. 

“I believe your case will be solved but if you still feel cheated, please report to me directly. My phone number is open to all Lagosians,” the statement quoted the CP as saying,” he added.

The CP also said, “No policeman has the right to beat citizens. You, the people, are the government’s employers; your taxes support us. Thus, we have to treat you with the appropriate decency.”

“On the issue of searching phones, no policeman has the right to search your phone. If a policeman suspects anything on your phone, he will take you to the station to search the phone. We have a cyber department that deals with all that,” he added.