March 17, 2023

10TH NASS: Alhaji Senator Mohammed Sani 313 as next Senate President

10<sup>TH</sup> NASS: Alhaji Senator Mohammed Sani 313 as next Senate President

The 1999 CFRN promotes equity, fairness, peace and prosperity in Nigeria polity as it succinctly provided under sections 15(1),15(4),17(1) and 24(c) of the 1999 CFRN.

This being the reason why principal officers of the National Assembly are distributed to ensure equitability. So that fairness and good administration at the Party level and as well as at the Federal Government level be maintained.

This system is equally to satisfy the  six Geopolitical entities conveniently created as:

i- NorthEast Geopolitical Region.

ii-NorthWest Geopolitical Region.

iii-NorthCentral Geopolitical Region.

iv-SouthWest Geopolitical Region.

v-SouthEast Geopolitical Region.

vi-SouthSouth Geopolitical Region.

Among these Geopolitical Regions almost all have enjoyed their share of Principal Officers at the National Assembly  level.But holistically that of NorthCentral Geopolitical Region has since 1999 being lopsided.NorthCentral Geopolitical Region is a region that has the following states:

i-Niger State.

ii-Kwara State.

iii-Kogi State.

iv-Plateau State.

v-Benue State.

vi-Nasarawa State.

Among these six states of NorthCentral Geopolitical Region,it is Niger state that has being neglected and  shortchanged despite that it has qualified personalities.

It is of a fact that

Kwara State had had Senate President,Bukola Saraki.Benue had had David Mark as former Senate President.Nasarawa state is with the National Chairman of APC.While Right Hon. Wase of Plateau State is presently the Deputy Speaker Federal House of Representatives.

Therefore, Niger state since 1999 was/is nowhere to be found despite her impressive performance at each general elections.As Niger state was/is always on top as far as the National elections are concerned.The recent Presidential election of 25th February 2023 can testify as Niger state pulled over 500,000 votes which made it to be the highest in NorthCentral Geopolitical Region.

Fairness equity and peace requires Niger state this time to have automatic slot for this Senate Presidential position to carry Niger state along.Luckily,Niger state has well qualified,hardworking,cheerful,amiable and  dutiful experienced son and brother in person of Senator Mohammed Musa Sani 313 to be the next Senate President of 10th National Assembly.

We passionately appeal to the great 109 Disuinguished Senators of 10th National Assembly to consider the above and settle for this amiable personality whom we,the Nigerlites assured you that he is not going to disappoint you.

May we be guided.

Lakpene Yusuf Bida,Esq