February 12, 2023

Our Red Eagle launches knowledge, progress driven podcast for Nigeria

In a determination to give people seamless, structured and comprehensive information, Our Red Eagle (ORE), has launched an Our Red Eagle for Nigerians to join a journey of learning and growth as they work towards a better, more informed and prosperous Nigeria.

In a statement released by the management, read: “Our Red Eagle Podcast is a product of Our Red Eagle (ORE), an online publication dedicated to answering the most asked and discussed questions in Nigeria.

The podcast is aimed at providing audiences with the knowledge they need to drive Nigeria forward. In every episode, brilliant and entertaining commentators are invited to discuss and generate insights on Nigeria’s most pressing issues.

“The podcast’s name derives from the Red Eagle on the Nigerian Coat of Arms, and its promoters are firm believers in the strength of the Nigerian people.

However, that strength must be driven by knowledge, cultivating positive and focused ideas that will build a healthy coexistence and progress than destroying. That is why Our Red Eagle statutory aim is to cultivate an informed audience equipped with the information they need to make informed decisions and contribute to the progress of our State.

In the podcast’s inaugural and most recent episode, the purpose and effects of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) recent policies around the Naira were discussed. This is just the beginning of Our Red Eagle’s mission.

“Our Red Eagle is for anyone who hopes to see Nigeria ascend higher. Join us on this journey of learning and growth as we work towards a better, more informed and prosperous Nigeria,” the release added.