July 6, 2022

NBM warns against July 7 celebrations

Ogun, party, carnival, police

By Ozioruva Aliu

BENIN CITY – THE leadership of the Neo-Black Movement of Africa popularly known as NBM has warned against people or groups using July 7th as its founders day and has called on the public to be wary of any activities in that regard.

It said there is documented evidence that the group was formed on July 7th and described those using the date to hold any activity as impostors. 

 A statement released in Benin City by the Public Relations Officer; Mr. Oluwatosin Dixon from the Office of the National President NBM of Africa Worldwide, described such gatherings as illegal.

 He said “July 7th as NBM founding date is false and not recognized by the Pan-Africanist group” stating that as an organization that is devoid of illegality but promotes peace, its activities are documented.

  “And in the history of NBM, there is no place where July 7 was documented as founders’ day; hence it is a misnomer for any group of person’s to ascribe NBM to that date.”.

 The statement further directed all regions, zones and other units or chapters, to be watchful of such gatherings which may come in the name of NBM of Africa and report the same to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

 The statement concluded that “by this notice, all members of the movement are succinctly warned to be wary and distance themselves from such gatherings.

“NBM of Africa has nothing to do with July 7 and has no association with persons or groups making arrangements for such gatherings.”