April 6, 2022

How Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes multi-level marketing


..As WSD floats AI-based Jenny robot

By Prince Osuagwu, Hi-Tech Editor

They call it Jenny; a robotic solution with Artificial Intelligence, AI capabilities.

Jenny has come to alter the status quo, disrupting the traditional method of multi-level marketing.

With its AI capabilities, Jenny eliminates the degrading methods of public sharing of printed literature and the beggarly system of selling supplements and other health-based products in the market, at bus stops and on the streets.

Built by Strategic Business Techspace for Wealth Solution Dynasty, WSD, Jenny has given a new impetus to multi-level marketing and handed WSD the bragging right as the first tech-based MLM outfit.

The chatbox AI solution is innovative and multitasks as a marketer and customer relations interface between WSD and its public.

It is sitting on the company’s social media handles- WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even on its website.

A chat with Jenny will give a prospective business partner a world of knowledge, information and DNA of Wealth Solutions Dynasty. That is the power of integrating 21st-century tech solutions into businesses.

An excited African representative of WSD, Amb Sunday Ibekwute, at the launch of the AI solution in Lagos recently, said his organisation was deliberate in its strategy to change the narratives in multi-level marketing.

He said the organisation voted huge resources to research and found out that the human to human multi-level marketing methodology was not only nauseating but degrading and therefore committed millions of dollars to develop the tech to human methodology.

“Multi-level marketing is where the money is today, but the way other organizations go about it is not only tiring but degrading. The human interface is giving a wrong interpretation to the business. That is why at Wealth Solution Dynasty, we voted millions of dollars to develop an AI solution that will eliminate the human interface and make more money for our partners who engage in the business.

“Already our operations are almost all tech-based. In every country we operate, we obtain a license to advertise our business in both digital and traditional methods so that it will have dignity. Although the final part of the business will be done physically, the marketing is done digitally.  For instance, our Jenny AI Robot can work 24hours and can attend to 100, 000 people at the same time. No human being can do that” he added.

He said WSD is a direct selling company that deals basically in health products. However, the organization gives its partners bonuses for the goods purchased.

Wealth Solution Dynasty is a multi-level marketing organization that originated from Australia with other components from the US, Japan, Europe and the Philippines.

Chief Technical Officer of Strategic Business Techspace, David Mba, said the AI solution will help WSD to achieve business performance

He said: “Wealth solution dynasty is one of the indigenous companies that has embraced Artificial intelligence. It’s quite commendable that the Wealth solution dynasty had to adopt this in this era of 4.0 industrial revolution and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing, quantum computing and the internet of things.

Having adopted AI as opposed to what other companies are doing, watch how it would rapidly improve business performance, effectiveness and efficiency.

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