March 25, 2022

Why Deejay Massive was no doubt the best fit for ‘The Vibes DJ Academy’ – DJ Consequence

Why Deejay Massive was no doubt the best fit for ‘The Vibes DJ Academy’ – DJ Consequence

For many who do not know, The Vibes DJ Academy is the leading DJ establishment for née and aspiring DJs to learn and perfect their craft. Founded in 2021 by one of Nigeria’s hottest DJs, DJ Consequence, the academy has gone on to have two sessions and has graduated over 100 students.

However, it was recently captured in the words of DJ Consequence ‘the vision would be incomplete without Deejay Massive’, the second half of the dynamic DJ duo enterprising the Academy.

Adetiloye Pius Ayodeji, also known as Deejay Massive has been on the Nigerian entertainment scene since 2013 and has won several awards across zones since then. Deejay Massive is the life of every event he plays at, with his passion, skills, charm and good looks. Once Deejay Massive is on deck, there’s no end to the fun and dancing at any event.

His love for the craft has led to the production of many mixtapes and eventually tutoring budding DJ’s so that they would reach a level of professionalism expected of them in the industry. Deejay Massive is excited to nurture people, young and old once they indicate an interest in disc jockeying and on his own, he is responsible for the DJ careers of multiple students. Deejay Massive carefully and constructively criticizes students until their techniques are top notch and they can match up to their peers locally and internationally.

It is no wonder that he was the best fit when DJ Consequence needed to select a right hand man to run The Vibes DJ Academy with him. Together, DJ Consequence and Deejay Massive have combined their skills, experience and expertise to make sure that the students of The Vibes DJ Academy have nothing but the best when it comes to disc jockeying education. What better partnership can there be?