Firm sets to revolutionise digital, branding space
Marvelous Nwabueze

By Adeola Badru, IBADAN

A digital, content-creating and branding firm, Mavee Strategies is poised to set the pace in digital and marketing communication sector by revolutionising the industry with the deployment of technology.

The firm, affirmed it’s commitment towards helping organizations and businesses to set the pace in advancing and evolving landscape with the next generation of high and sophisticated technology.

A statement by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the firm, Marvelous Nwabueze, said that his firm has set foundation for new wave of marketing and content creation and management.

Nwabueze, a content strategist and seasoned marketer, said he established the company as a creative and marketing agency that has since grown into a major player in helping companies connect with customers and bridging the gaps between influencers and brands.

According to him, the company has already secured deals that cut across real estate, marketing campaigns and music management, among others.

He said: “The African modern marketplace as we know has been characterized by uncertainty, wide-scale innovation, and fluctuation.”

“In a time where marketing strategies abound, Marvee Strategies was made to strike the right tone with any brand audience.

“We use people-centric approach towards content streams and branding; one that pays attention to the brand’s audience and not the brand.”

“We uphold the mantra that every brand and talent is unique, regardless of being in the same field or line of work, and each brand has the responsibility to connect emotionally and personally to its audience.

“2020 was an especially prolific year in regards to Marvee’s impact on the industry. In May 2020, Marvee Strategies signed a content and marketing deal with Lambo Homes, a real estate company that specializes in high-end housing and luxury accommodation.”

“Few months down the line, another deal was set in stone with Ike Exclusive, an entertainment blog that largely adopts comedy into its news and entertainment dissemination channels.”

“Down the line, Marvelous has seen the incorporation of International business practices and the adoption of afro-continental talent, that are already well on course to re-charting the African continent’s path in the eyes of the world.”

“These events hold relevance not just in the dynamics of the public relations that they are characterized by, but by the grander scheme of what a no young man is achieving in Africa’s vibrant content terrain.”

“The future is open to unknown possibilities. Years from now, the way content and marketing are used to revolutionize the connection between talent/brands and the general public will be completely different.”

“With digital marketing, improved branding, PR campaigns, and significant networking, Marvelous Nwabueze is positioning brands and talents firmly and audibly, to credibly create a voice of their own in the ever-evolving landscape that is Africa,” he stressed.

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