August 21, 2021

Why Branch is Better Than Your Bank

It has become clear that today’s fast-paced financial world requires banking services that can keep up with the demands of the digitally-savvy and largely-mobile generation. This is no longer a luxury, but an absolute necessity for all.

Whether in business or in personal finances, our world simply has no room for slackers when it comes to money-related dealings. In response to this need, we have seen a lot of offers and attempts from financial institutions to find a solution. However, with Branch, the solution is literally at your fingertips.

Why Branch?

Branch is that digital and finance platform with a core mission to deliver world-class, unique financial services to the mobile generation. That basically includes all who have access to a mobile device- such as you, reading this piece.

Branch recognizes the need for a clutter-free and highly innovative finance platform to meet today’s unique financial challenges, and they provide just that; in a way that no one else does.     

So, how does this matter to you?

As a Nigerian living in such grim economic conditions, it is needless to say that the challenges here are unique and dire. Having easy access to financial services has become more important than ever and your traditional banks are not catching up fast enough.      They would require a massive overhauling of old systems and procedures to get you the kind of ease you need for seamless financial transactions. And you simply cannot wait until that happens.

This is why Branch’s offer would definitely resonate with you. Branch’s financial platform now allows users to access free and unlimited money transfers, as well as a whopping 20% per annum investment return in Nigeria! This isn’t something your traditional banks can offer you, no doubt.

These product features, which are unique to Branch, will complement other existing features like instant loans up to ₦500,000, free bills payment and airtime purchase. This is arguably the easiest way to access digital loans in Nigeria. Branch’s loan application process takes only a few steps to complete before the money gets into your account. There are no forms to fill, no collaterals and no signatures to sign. Branch also doesn’t charge late fees for people who are late on repayment.

If you live and work in Nigeria, you can now make transfers without additional charges. Rather than charge you a fee, Branch offers a ₦300 bonus everytime you refer a friend to use the Branch wallet for any transaction and your friend earns ₦300 too! This might seem too good to be true, but it is exactly what Branch offers. You can be free of the crazy bank charges that Nigerians are burdened with.

Branch’s investment feature offers one of the highest returns in Nigeria at 20% interest per annum. The best part is that your funds are not locked for a fixed period, unlike some others. You can withdraw your investment after just 24 hours, in case you get stranded or would simply have a different need for your money.

Investments through the Branch app are channelled into low-risk financial instruments with capital preservation as the ultimate goal. This right here will be a relief to investment-hesitant people, who need to be assured of their capital safety. Branch is duly licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide fund management services, hence is able to manage the funds placed in its care. Branch also works closely with licensed fund managers to ensure all investment opportunities are safe and secure for you as a customer.

A massive relief from the alternatives

Thankfully, the existence of an efficient and innovative finance platform, such as Branch, has risen in response to customers’ increased demands for more efficient ways to complete financial transactions. With the features listed, Branch takes a huge stride to the forefront of digital banking in Nigeria. They are evidently determined to significantly improve the experience that Nigerians have with banking services, and therefore offer better value than other financial institutions available to Nigerians.

Branch can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.