August 9, 2021

Fact File: Art tackling environmental problems

Fact File: Art tackling environmental problems

“Peaceful Co-existence” by Lateef Olajumoke. Discarded rubber. 2021.

By Prisca Sam-Duru

Lending its voice to the global outcry to save our environment, Thought Pyramid Art Centre Lagos, which has been consistent in its effort towards bringing art creation into the space of environmental responsibility, is here again with another action-provoking exhibition.

This time, through an exhibition tagged: Fact File (Series 1), the gallery is extending its duty as a stakeholder in the African art industry beyond encouraging the creation, promotion and appreciation of art, to becoming more sensitive to the environment while exhibiting art as a pragmatic tool for solving pollution and other waste management issues confronting Nigeria.

The exhibition which opens to the public this summer, precisely on Sunday, August 22nd, 2021 runs till Sunday, September 12th, 2021 at the Thought Pyramid Art Centre Lagos, enjoys the support of Nigeria Machine Tools, Trustbanc, The LakeYard, and Recycle Apostles (REAP).

The exhibition is a recycled/upcycled project with the primary objective of documenting and informing the public through the inventiveness of eight principal recycling/upcycling artists whose works have garnered appreciation internationally.

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Stunning creativity by these multi-disciplinary artists – Uzoma Samuel Anyanwu, Tayo Olayode, Ernest Nkwocha, Olanrewaju Tejuoso, Lateef Olajumoke, Yusuf Durodola, Abu Momogima Oshioma and Samson Akinnire, will be on display for the viewing pleasure of observers, during the exhibition.

Having made history in November 2020, as the first Nigerian (and possibly African) gallery to bring together five seasoned and globally renowned (scrap) metal artists in a rare and prestigious exhibition tagged: Ajorin; Dancemetalphor, the organisers are pushing their commitment towards a metal-litter-free environment.

  Ajorin; Dancemetalphor, a metal art recycled/upcycled art exhibition that featured talents such as Dotun Popoola, Fidelis Odogwu, Adeola Balogun, Abinoro Collins and Steve Ekpenisi, succeeded in permanently ridding the earth of over 20 tonnes of metal litters.

“Seeing the little we were able to achieve with Ajorin Dancemetalphor, we knew more had to be done without hesitation,” says Curator and Exhibition Director, Ovie Omatsola.

The Fact File exhibition which will be presented in the similitude of Ajorin Dancemetalphor, is however, different in that it explores the presentation of stylish recycled/upcycled art pieces from resources discarded ranging from fabric, plastic, nylon, bottles, tire, to lead wires.

Fact File which will be showcasing 24 provocative recycled artworks, three from each exhibiting artist, according to the curator, “will spark a positive change in people’s subconscious thinking to promote and contribute to the planet’s welfare as they are marveled by the second life the exhibiting artists have given these belittled resources, and as a consequence, reducing the amount of waste generated”.

He added: Fact File is a project that focuses, first of all, on the sustenance of healthy earth, the longevity of wealthy human lives, and the promotion of inexpensive waste management through art.

“The vision of Fact File is adequately exploiting creative power in providing insights, awareness and inspire Nigerians and the rest of the world to be more responsible now and in the future as regards reducing waste materials and objects, as well as imbibing the habit of re-using what they can and, recycling their unusable through art.”

With Fact File, the curator is in agreement with the view of Pete Seeger who opines that “if it cannot be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, resold, recycled or composited, then it should be restricted, designed, or removed from production.”

For the Curator, that statement would summarise almost everything the eight exhibiting artists of Fact File are focused on, as regards recycled/upcycled documenting in the minds of every individual who visits the exhibition.

“With the line-up of the listed artists and support of the media community, Fact File as envisioned, will be the most momentous and artistically memorable recycled art show of its kind in Lagos, Nigeria, Africa, and by extension, the world.

“Although it was difficult to get sponsors to commit to this earth-saving vision and join us on this life-impacting mission, Thought Pyramid appreciates the support of our sponsors, most especially the Nigerian Machine Tools that was with us when we made history with Ajorin Dancemetaolphor and here again as we continue to spread the gospel of effective management of waste in Nigeria through art.

“Obviously, one sponsor was not enough and it was our greatest joy when Trustbanc and The LakeYard came on board this ship.

“For galleries and artists to continue to permanently protect the earth, human and wild lives from the hazards of litter everywhere using their creativity, the contribution of selfless individuals and organisations cannot be undermined

“On that account, on behalf of the entire Thought Pyramid Management and Fact File crew; I want to praise our sponsors for their noble act of selflessness. The same goes for the exhibiting artists and relentless recycled/upcycled artists worldwide,” Ovie Omatsola stated.

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