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…Sets to prosecute traveler for flouting Coronavirus Law of 2021

By Olasunkanmi Akoni

Amid COVID-19 third wave, Lagos State Government has disclosed that over 500 death cases have been recorded so far at various isolation centres across the state.

It added that the COVID-19 third wave and other parts of Nigeria are experiencing was as a direct result of importation of cases from other countries tagged Red listed countries, where the pandemic is very active, like: South Africa, India, Brazil and Turkey.

The state Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, who spoke on Sunday, while giving an update on the management of COVID-19 in the state,  said:“Since the commencement of the isolation of passengers from the red listed countries, the Lagos State response has successfully quarantined 4,448 passengers as at August 19, 2021 and identified 58 passengers of Interest, POIs who tested positive to the COVID-19 virus despite a negative test on arrival; and would have hitherto contributed to the ongoing third wave which has claimed over 500 deaths recorded at our isolation centers.

“The state government is, in fact, now more committed than ever to fully implementing all COVID protocols without fear or favor. Our conviction of ensuring public health security and safety outweighs any other considerations. This is why the travel guidelines are so important in minimizing the impact on our citizens and economy.”

The commissioner however, narrated how a defaulting international traveler recently, flouted a Coronavirus Law of 2021, saying the offender would be  prosecuted accordingly.

 Abayomi stated: “Lagos State Government has observed a disturbing trend of false accusations by some defaulting international travelers about the implementation of COVID travel protocols as laid down by the Federal Government, especially around inbound travelers from the Red listed countries.

“Of note is the case of Adesola Adeleke, who flew in from South Africa. She attempted to bypass the system established to safeguard our citizens and as a result has put several innocent people at potential risk of contracting COVID-19.

“Adesola Adeleke originally arrived at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, MMIA, on July 25, 2021 alongside seven other passengers on Rwandan Airline in transit from South Africa at 1:30pm. After the usual rigorous reconciliation of headcount at the Port Health Authority, it was discovered that six of the passengers, including Adeleke, could not be accounted for.

“Even though Adeleke had made the required payment for COVID tests and the mandatory isolation prior to leaving South Africa, she left the airport in Lagos knowing full well that she was contravening the law and her passport was retained by the Nigerian Port Health Authority.

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“However, 10 days later, on August 5, 2021, the Medical Director of the Mainland Hospital (Infectious Disease Hospital), Yaba, Dr. Abimbola Bowale reported that Adeleke who was now on an absconded list had returned because she could not retrieve her passport without fulfilling her obligation to quarantine at one of the designated hotels of her choice in Lagos.

“Her payment was confirmed, and she was informed she had to continue her quarantine for the next 7 days before being released. This information was communicated to her, and she was also provided with a list of available isolation hotels.

“She selected an option for her isolation, which only caters for accommodation without feeding. This was brought to her attention that feeding would be a separate arrangement with the hotel.

“It is worthy of note that hotels that are utilized for the isolation of ‘Passengers of Interest’ (POIs) from the red listed countries also accommodate other guests on the condition that entire floors are dedicated to isolating these passengers without mixing with other guests. It is the responsibility of the passengers in quarantine to adhere to the laid down protocols or face the consequences of the law if otherwise.

“Adeleke’s day-two test was conducted on August 6, 2021 and the result came out negative, but her day seven test on the 14th was positive which required extension of her isolation. She argued that she could not have been positive and requested a repeat test. A new sample was done by the Lagos State Government at no cost to Adeleke, which was performed on August 16, 2021 and released on the 17th of August 2021. The repeat test returned positive.

“On August 17, the hotel management called our attention to a man at the facility, claiming to be Adeleke’s father, attempting to forcibly take her away, irrespective of her status. The hotel was asked to allow her to leave as they were being violent and creating a scene. Since this incident, Adeleke has made sensational news to avoid being penalized for her actions.

“In summary, she avoided initial isolation by absconding to Ibadan, despite being aware of the protocol and only returned to try and collect her passport.

“Following our investigations and evidence produced, her claims are totally false, and she would be made to face the consequences of the Coronavirus Law of 2021 based on the allegations that have been levelled against her in a court of law.

“We make bold to say that we are not deterred by this frivolous campaign to ridicule the Federal and State public laws targeted to mitigate the third wave of infections and halt the spread of COVID, particularly because the deadly new strains have the potential to cause massive sickness and death.

“Severe sanctions await inbound travelers and passengers who flout the protocol of the Federal and State COVID pandemic law. Citizens need to realize that we are in the middle of a serious pandemic and that it is through shared responsibilities that we can overcome this pandemic. Residents are also encouraged to resist the urge of supporting passengers in defaulting the required protocols.”

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