Nile University of Nigeria unveiled its new logo on June 21, 2021. The new logo was revealed by Nile University’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Osman Nuri Aras, in a ceremony at the University campus which was attended by the institution’s management officials and other top academic and administrative staff.

The logo is a culmination of the fruitful journey embarked on by Nile in July 2020 when it became a member of the Honoris United Universities network. Since joining Honoris, Nile University’s mission to empower students with 21st century employability and entrepreneurial skills, while offering outstanding academic and development experiences has been enhanced by its strong partnerships with multiple corporate bodies and global institutions (including the Cardinal Onaiyekan Foundation for Peace (COFP), Abuja Global Shapers Community, etc.), accreditations of the College of Health Sciences, through partnerships with FCT health services (Asokoro General Hospital, Kuchingoro Primary Health Care Centre, etc.), the successful launch of 19 new courses, uninterrupted education during the COVID 19 pandemic due to the successful implementation of online learning, and a seamless transition to the physical reopening of the campus.

Other successes recorded by Nile since becoming part of the Honoris network include the launch of the Honoris code of conduct, the Honoris network wide virtual internship program, the commissioning of a 500-bed hostel and 2000 capacity state of the art Law faculty complex, and a successful graduation ceremony, to name a few.

Commenting on the logo, the Vice-Chancellor said, “As a University that constantly strives to position itself as an innovative institution of higher learning that can equip its students with 21st century employability and entrepreneurial skills, the new logo will play a crucial role in further enhancing the reputation of Nile. The new logo radiates excellence and brightness, making it befitting of our University’s status as a member of Honoris United Universities—a network renowned for its inventiveness and success in preparing students for success in a dynamic world.”

Logo Elements

The heart of the new logo design features a ‘Sunrise’ symbol—which represents renewal, hope, and brightness— sitting on the word ‘NILE,’ which is a shortened version of the University’s name coined from the Nile river in Egypt. “In addition to its visual appeal, the image of the sunrise symbol resting on NILE at the heart of the logo is a perfect illustration of the noble task of educating the country and continent’s future leaders that has been undertaken by Nile University” commented the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academics, Prof. Abdurrahman Isik, during the unveiling ceremony.

Another key component of the logo is the addition of ‘Honoris United Universities’ to its base, symbolizing Nile University’s affiliation to the Honoris network. The incorporation of the Honoris name in the logo also represents unity, which is an important value shared by Nile University and the Honoris network. This sentiment was echoed by Prof. Aras (Vice-Chancellor), who called this feature an “excellent addition to the logo”. According to him, “the sharing of varied experiences, knowledge, and practices facilitated by a diverse community of students and staff from different countries and cultures is at the core of Nile and Honoris’ vision of higher education.”

The blue and green colors were retained in the logo as Nile University’s primary colors due to their importance as brand differentiators. The blue color represents the “sea of knowledge” while green symbolizes the widely acclaimed African vegetation.

Nile University’s new logo will replace its predecessor which has been in use since 2016. As Nile University continues its mission to drive success, its new identity is bright and appealing, reflecting its commitment to unity and excellence.


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