Is the heavenly reward no longer worth waiting for?

By Musa Wada

Today, we at Kogi Concerned Citizen for Peace and Development are happy and elated on the award issued to a deserving young man and a professional of note like QS Aminu Suleiman Abubakar .

This award by the Blueprint newspaper came as no surprise to us who have been following the meteoric rise of this young man. The young professional of the year award we can agree with every sense of responsibility has truly been awarded to the truly deserving recipient.

We wish to also on behalf of the Kogi Concerned Citizen for Peace and Development celebrate with Aminu Suleiman Abubakar for this award which of essence was awarded him for his extra ordinary efforts in strengthening professionalism in a developing country like, Nigeria.

This award arching over the timeless River Niger, we can assure you will never fail to fill us with hope. This award, though first and foremost is acknowledge as a personal one but it will really serve as a museum for many to reflect on the fact that hard work pays.

This award should serve as a tool for the future because we believe you can achieve more setting your sight higher. We also know this award will go a long way in inspiring you in cultivating a national image for yourself. As a professional,we knew how you use your professional ingenuity to insist on pragmatism and moderation in government programmes you have commented on.

As a professional and a young one for that matter, your ideas about politics as a tool and platform to emphasize opportunity,law and order,and responsibility is known to all. As a professional your political thought always emphasize that the government should provide opportunities for every citizen,when the free market failed,but individuals must accept the responsibility to work and to contribute to the common civil order.This linking of the time honoured enshrinement to work and individualism to a progressive view of the role of government became for you as a professional-a new covenant-the philosophical perspective behind you being today crowned and awarded-the young proffessional of the year.

We are therefore hopeful that this award will spur your passion and committment more to the political and social development of our state,kogi.

This award which is the fulfilment of the Blueprint newspapers avow commitment to spur young professionals to make their impact felt in the development of the country is a welcome one.It is surely going to serve as also a template in the leadership recruitment processes drive of our nation.We commend the Blueprint newspaper for this excellent feat.

To you Aminu Suleiman Abubakar, this is just the beginning of good things to come for you. Congratulations sir.

Musa Wada

Coordinator, Kogi Concerned Citizen for Peace and Development.


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