Meshal Khalid H Alshehri

Co-founder of 1/2M Coffee shop,  Meshal Khalid H Alshehri, has spoken of how the stay afloat during the lock down and economic shutdown occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic that ravaged the entire world in2020.

1/2M Coffee shop prides itself as one of the most upscale and fast-selling coffee retail outlets in the country, drawing a wide range of clienteles, from different tribes and nationalities, all coming together in the shop to savour and enjoy quality coffees in the most serene and convivial environment.

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Speaking In an interview session with select journalists in his expansive and well-lit beautiful office, yesterday,  Meshal Khalid H Alshehri..while admitting that the covid-19 pandemic initially affected the business, said that the shop was able to turn the tide around through dynamic and strategic planning

According to.Meshal Khalid H Alshehri, “in truth,  our business was initially affected by the covid l-19.pandemic, just like other businesses also took a negative hit from the global pandemic

“Covod-19 caused a huge meltdown to the healthcare industry and to businesses because without good health, nobody can function at all not to talk of functioning effectively. 

“The lockdown, especially the complete t closure of all businesses affected our work but I was able to do online sales and I managed to achieve good sales”, Meshal Khalid H Alshehri of 1/2M Coffee added. 

Getting it right in the formation and  growth of a business requires methodical and careful planning and Meshal Khalid H Alshehri said the aforementioned have been key ingredients in shaping 1/2M Coffee shoo into one or the top-selling  shops for top quality and original coffee brands in the country. 

In the exact words of Meshal Khalid H Alshehri, “to boost sales and visibility l,  we have become more social media compliant because we know that the world is now online and everything is trending in the social media space.

“We do s lot of marketing on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and periodically parley with some celebrities to do promotions for our brand and coffee shop.”, said Meshal Khalid H Alshehri.

Speaking on the major lessons he has learnt since he started running. 1/2M Coffee shop,  Meshal Khalid H Alshehri said expanding into  into new frontiers has been an opener for him. 

According to Meshal Khalid H Alshehri,  “Opening branches in all of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and then establishing international and international branches, and also  opening s shop in Britain served out big lessons to us”.

Responding to a question on what was the business philosophy upon which the 1/ shop was predicated upon,  Meshal Khalid H Alshehri, said,  

“delivering the right taste of coffee to the world in an innovative way, and knowing that coffee has many uses, but the appropriate choice for this use gives the desired result”.

On what vision he has set for 1/2M Coffee in the next 10 years, Meshal Khalid H Alshehri said,  “my vision is that It will be one of the strongest brands in the world with high accuracy and professionalism”

Responding to a query on the  challenges that came his way.when.he opened 12M coffee and how he was able scale the hurdles,  Meshal KhalidH Alshehri said,  “reaching out to suppliers of high quality.and original coffee presented it’s peculiar problems because there are more than one type and there are luxury and regular ones

“To get s good product,  you will at first  come in contact with products that are not up to the highest level required but because I know what I want and patiently searched for the suppliers of the best quality products “, Meshal Khalid H Alshehri of 1/2M coffee shop.added.


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