The soaring popularity of Half Million Coffee (or ½ M Coffee) has set tongues wagging in the international business community about its potential to grow into the big league presently dominated by brands like Starbucks.

Founded by Saudi-Arabian businessman, Meshal Khalid H. Alshehri and his silent partner, Abdullah Alrajhi,  Half Million Coffee, a gilt-edged coffee outlet, after becoming a household name in Saudi Arabia, has started spreading to other continents, starting with an overseas branch in Britain.

For Meshal Khalid H. Alshehri, the rapid growth of the brand is a dream come true: “From a young age, my dream was to own a coffee shop, and this is my goal in life,” he mused during a recent interview with reporters.

According to him, he has no iota of doubt about the viability of the coffee business: “My passion and love for Arabic and Turkish coffee, is what led to my strong belief in the success of this project,” he said.

He admitted that there was a difficult moment in the beginning, especially when it comes to marketing the brand online. “But now I have overcome the problem,” he averred.

The initial challenges as he explained bordered on getting connected to the suppliers of high quality, original coffee. “There is more than one type of coffee, there are luxury and regular ones, your ability to stay long in the business depends on you being able to get the right supplier,” he explained.

Alshehri did not dispute the fact that social media played a big role in the successful marketing of Half Million Coffee. Said he: “We became known by getting the promotion right, which is mainly marketing via Instagram and Facebook. And liaising with celebrities who promoted the brand.”

While he is the known face behind Half Million Coffee, the Saudi Arabian entrepreneur insisted that the business is a partnership. “Me and my partner are bonded by trust, friendship, brotherhood and work ethics, that is why the success of the venture belongs to both of us,” he stated.


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