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June 14, 2021

Agoruah debuts in solo with ‘Finding Forever’ @ Nimbus

Agoruah debuts in solo with ‘Finding Forever’ @ Nimbus

Hallowed Vessel, (oil on canvas, 40 x 40, 2021) by Ugo Aguorah.

By Osa Amadi

As young artist, Ugo Agoruah, takes a break from foreign land sojourn, his art of idealistic contents will be introduced to the Lagos aficionados.

Agoruah, whose art in his pre-and post-training has been consistent in figurative forms, makes his debut solo art exhibition titled “Finding Forever” showing from June 18-20, 2021, at Nimbus Gallery, 9 Maitama Duke Street, Ikoyi Lagos.  The artist has also chosen content manager in fresh and young Lagos-based Toyin Bello, who is similarly making her debut as a curator.

Although trained in Georgia, U.S, Agoruah, who hopes to be more at home in Nigeria with his art probes into the future. He sees the future as “the legacy of forever” and argues that it “begins now” with what he notes as a process. He explains that it’s “a journey of discovering the nature of spirit, relearning the essence of self beyond the physical realm.”

Among his works for the exhibition are Still Life Session: Hues & Harmonies, a piece in chalk pastel, dated 2020, but touches on the artist’s thoughts about creation through the blending of the sights and sounds of life; and Hallowed Vessel, oil on canvas, dated 2021, in which he warns that a broken thought always left a hollow shell, among others.

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On Hallowed Vessel, the artist says the true essence of self becomes realized in whoever knows “he is one with the universe, a vessel housing infinite expansion.”  

Having worked in the studio of one of the most consistent contemporary Nigerian artists, Lemi Ghariokwu, the curator of “Finding Forever”, Bello, seems to be bringing some depth into the management of the curatorial contents of the exhibition. The curator says Aguorah has styles of energising his subjects, using “strong sense of family, romance and self-awareness in order to evolve emotion” including “discovery in his audience.”

In poetic content, Aguorah articulates his Artist Statement: “Remember what you are so that you can shine bright, burning your name into this reality and beyond.

Forever is Admiration/Forever is Vibrations/Forever is Love. Forever is Acknowledgment/ Forever is Expansion and Ascension. Forever is union, Divine union. Forever is Me. Forever is You /Be fully realized.”

Still on her curatorial note, Bello states: ‘The unforgettable characters come full circle through their journey inward into the true essence of self. Ugo’s art interprets, expresses and presents concepts related to that safe haven in life and the art world where one can truly exist till eternity.”

She argues that art is forever, which is “made from the heart and directed perfectly by the soul.”

As regards Finding Forever, the curator says: “These works showcase themes and concept related to living unbounded lives as its simplicity and complexity captured in different forms, shapes, sizes. These works drive force to develop our ideas of the unlimited, serving as a path to abundance of happiness and prosperity by trusting our abilities and instincts to aspire to a new height of meaningful life.”

 Agoruah is a Nigerian born artist, raised in Marietta, GA. Since early childhood, he started cultivating a love for artistic imagery and aesthetic since. Even with his artistic capabilities, he chose to focus his studies in Biology, where he developed an interest in the human figure and its functions.

By 2015 Ugo was hit with divine spark to create, and bring more focus on advancing and spreading his artistic practice. By 2018, he obtained his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Drawing and Painting from the Kennesaw State University School of Art & Design.

Since arriving in the Atlanta art scene in 2015, Ugo has worked to capture and intrigue the community with his beautiful work, and his attention to aesthetic & narrative. Using the gift of art as a gateway to higher thinking, understanding, and discovery, Ugo takes inspiration from personal tales, art history, culture, and the classical muse to create work that can be described as transcendental and didactic.

Bello has been working as Ghariokwu’s Personal Assistant for the past 10 years. Through the years, she developed a taste for artistry across its multiple forms and expressions. In the past, Bello has handled management for visual artists such as Agoruah, Dare Adenuga and Larry Isimah, as well as her music group, Honeyband.

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