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May 12, 2021

That Lagos “IPOB attack” alert

By Ochereome Nnana

The current security situation of Nigeria calls for extreme caution and vigilance. When you are surrounded by enemies you must guard yourself at all times with unblinking vigilance. This was the unforgettable slogan that legendary broadcaster, Okokon Ndem of the defunct Radio Biafra, bombarded the people of the former secessionist enclave with over 50 years ago.

The alert issued by the Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, Hakeem Odumosu, that the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB and O’odua Republic agitators “plan to attack Lagos” is very concerning. Lagos, the former federal capital of Nigeria, is still the economic nerve- centre of the country. There is no community in Nigeria that does not have its indigenes in Lagos. This city-state is home for all and the number one destination for opportunity seekers.

I strongly believe that the accursed day when the insecurity shellacking other parts of the country (including Abuja suburbs) enters Lagos, Nigeria is finished. You don’t have to be a Yoruba person to feel threatened with the prospects of terror attacks on Lagos because that is not the criterion to become a resident of the city.

As an Igbo person, I am doubly worried by this so-called security alert by Odumosu. Some media houses reported that the threat was by IPOB and O’odua groups, while some only mentioned IPOB, thus narrowing the focus of the “threat” to the ethnic group that I belong to as a Lagos resident.

This reminds us of what happened in the wake of the #EndSARS peaceful protests in October last year. It was the political machinery that mobilised hoodlums and later the Army to violently quell that patriotic protest against police brutality and bad governance. Later, the same hoodlums broke free and started attacking government establishments, homes of politicians (including the Palace of the Oba of Lagos), and looting businesses. There was a sudden evil attempt by a quisling section of the political class to blame the Igbo residents for the anarchic injury inflicted on Lagos, forgetting that majority of the looted businesses belonged to Igbo elements.

It is erroneous and idiotic to assume that when Lagos and surrounding areas are harmed, only the Yoruba owners of the land will be harmed. No sensible Igbo person or group will be a party to an attack on Lagos for any reason because such an attack will also be against Igbo social and economic interests. It is totally against Igbo cosmology for them to become agents of destruction that will hurt them not just materially but more importantly, in terms of their personal security. Igbo people do not have any track record of that sort of behaviour.

I advise Odumosu and his fellow police, security and military establishment chiefs to tread with caution and ensure they back up this sort of explosive alert with facts. You cannot come public with this dangerous allegation only to take refuge behind non-disclosure of security details. You must name names or show that you have already nabbed suspects whom you must immediately take to court so that the public will know the details of such plots. If you do not do this, you will be engaging in the same scare-mongering that the quisling political class uses to stoke ethnic tensions here in Lagos. And that is grossly irresponsible.

We pray that sanity prevails among these fishers in troubled waters. Lagos will not survive an all-out ethnic war. Some groups may bleed more than the others, but everybody will definitely bleed! We don’t want that! We want peace, prosperity, and the rapid development of Lagos, the State of Excellence, and Aquatic Splendour!


NALDA in Imo is RUGA!

I read through your well-written article in the Vanguard entitled: “You’ll regret losing your land to Invaders” (1). The event in the Imo State government house as reported in the Daily Independence newspaper of April 26th quickly drew my mind to your above-cited article. Daily Independence titled it: “Imo, NALDA Sign MoU On Livestock Production”.

Reading through the article, I saw that this NALDA, the National Agricultural Land Development Agency, is NOTHING but RUGA. Governor Hope Uzodimma thanked the president for rolling out the programme, assuring the team that came from Abuja that all that is needed for the smooth completion of the project in Imo State will be provided (land of course). The project is principally about livestock farming as Uzodimma asked the Abuja team to “go beyond livestock farming and do a more agro project in Imo State” as he promised to give them “the necessary support”. This “NALDA is the baby of the president which Mr. President supervises himself”. President Buhari is interested ONLY in this his programme of taking other people’s land and handing it to herdsmen. He supervises it himself!

So, while the heat of attacks by unknown gunmen on Imo State was on, the most important thing to Governor Uzodimma was to sign out the land of Imo State people for the RUGA! Uzodimma has, thus, become the first governor in the South East and South-South geopolitical zone to give a go-ahead to the Fulani colonial settlement in the name of agriculture. As if this horrible event is not enough, Gov. Uzodimma became the host of the first set of officers for the so-called Ebuba-Agu to be shown to the public.No wonder IPOB said that the ESN can’t work with Ebube-Agu. Is Ebube-Agu going to protect the ancestral land of the Igbo or is it there to provide security for the herdsmen who will soon come trooping into their newly acquired RUGA homeland?

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