May 12, 2021

Sound quality, very important factor in entertainment— Onecap


Show business in Nigeria is on an imaginable rise and to see Nigerian artistes topping the global music charts and bagging awards is mouth-watering.

Consider if their sound quality was hogwash, would they have been able to compete with their contemporaries abroad to the point of even winning Grammies— Wizkid and Burnaboy come to mind here.

Emmanuel Fredrick, popularly called Onecap, has lamented a case of poor sound quality in one of the recent shows he performed at.

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To be candid, the 26-year-old music sensation expressed his utter disappointment saying the sound was echoing and he had to quickly wrap up his performance to avoid embarrassing himself.

He said that one of his best show performances was where fans of his music cheered him on even though they were incoherent in the lisping of his lyrics.

Onecap further called on producers and show organisers to ensure their sound systems are in good shape so that those who attend their events can enjoy the groove of the events and also get value for their money.

Onecap is versatile with sounds and when he is in the company of his pals, his artistry comes alive seeing the music studio is like a place where the oracle graces the ear with songs.

He is signed under FOBA Lifestyle Record Label and they’ve been doing good music.

Onecap, who started his music career in 2015, has performed in both popular and unpopular shows and hopes to continue making sounds that everyone will enjoy.

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