I am in my early 20s and live at home with my parents. My bedroom is next to theirs and I am kept awake some nights by the horrible sounds they make when they are having sex. I know things like that are normal but I feel so embarrassed when I see them the next day. 

Nobody is against their having sex at their age, but shouldn’t they tone it down when there are children in the house? 

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Nonye, by e-mail 

Dear Nonye, 

When next this happens and you run into your smugly glowing parents over breakfast, face your mom and tell her “wow. That must have been a really terrible dream I heard last night.

“I heard you screaming as if you were being harassed by armed robbers and I was really scared, especially when you started panting. I almost rushed into your room, but I knew dad too must have heard the commotion!”

I assume an expression of innocent round-eyed horror as you say this, and watch as they develop exactly the same look. Your nights should be a lot more peaceful from then on!

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