Good fortunes can actually come your way

Forget four-leaf clovers, horse-shoes, and lucky charms – “If you want a good fortune to smile on you, all you need to do is get into a lucky frame of mind, then sit back and enjoy as everything starts going your way…” advises Professor R. Wiseman in his book:  The Lucky factor.  Here are some of the steps he recommends to help you find your lucky self:

Step 1: Reset your mind:  The first step on the road to good fortune is to programme your mind to think of yourself as fortunate.  Start, by resisting the temptation to relive your past failures and worries.  Many of us do this, but all it achieves is to blind you to any good coming your way.  Lucky people get things in perspective, look for opportunities in a disaster and focus on the future.

Try this: ‘Refraining’ is a technique often employed by psychotherapists to help clients get positive perspective.  It involves placing an experience that you’re viewing negatively into another frame, which still fits the facts of the situation equally well or even better, but changes its entire meaning.

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So if, for example, you were unsuccessful in a job interview, instead of concluding that you’re always unlucky, congratulate yourself on getting an interview and consider the positive things that have come out of it.

Step 2: Pat yourself on the back: Professor Wiseman’s studies show that successful people don’t assume their winning catch in a netball game was due to change – they put it down to their skill.  So don’t tell yourself that what you’ve achieved is a fluke; think of it as an example of your ability.

Try this:  Wiseman recommends keeping a luck ‘Journal’, where you note down all the good things that have happened to you along with how you’ve influenced the outcome.  So, for example, it might be that you looked great in a pair of jeans you’ve just bought (because you’ve been to the gym regularly).

Step 3: Look Lucky: Lucky people expect, and are always open to good fortune, which radiates from the way they carry themselves.  Make yourself one of them by mimicking their body language.

Folded arms hunched shoulders and lack of eye contact are all clear signals that you’re feeling uncomfortable, which won’t make people warm to you.  Instead, look up and around and smile – how else are you going to get lucky in love if you miss the opportunity to catch the eye of the handsome guy at the bar?

Try this: If you find yourself worried about making a fool of yourself, or messing up, Wiseman suggests creating your own lucky mantra.  Start and end each day by repeating a sentence that makes you feel positive such as, “Things are going to go my way.”  Soon, it will filter into your subconscious and become part of the way you perceive yourself, and a natural part of how you interact with others.”

Step 4:Become a social butterfly: Lucky people have broader social networks than others, which increases the chances of them having lucky encounters,” says Professor Wiseman.  “We asked thousands of people to classify themselves as either lucky, neutral (neither lucky nor unlucky), or unlucky.  Next, they were presented with a list of 15 common British surnames and asked to indicate whether they were on first-name terms with at least one person for each surname.  The results were dramatic and demonstrated the huge relationship between lucky and social connectivity.

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