Stripped workers: Urhobo youths demand Gbagi's arrest, prosecution

Vying for a political office either at the federal, state or local government is no longer for neophites but for someone who is matured politically. Gone are the days when people clamour to contest for political offices without understanding what it takes occupy such offices.

Contesting for political offices like the office of the President, Governor, National Assembly, State House of Assemblies or any other positions as the case may be needs somebody who understands the intricacies and nitty-gritty of the office. Apart from the above, the person should be someone who possesses all the necessary qualities both educationally, industrially, religiously and so on and so forth.

This brings to mind the squabble for the next governor of Delta State come 2023. Delta State has been stabilized to a large extent since Senator Governor Okowa assumed the number one position of the State in 2015 and Deltans will not want the State to derail for a second as from May 29, 2023 when he bows out of power. This is the more reason why Delta and Deltans must tread carefully on who takes over from Okowa come May 29, 2023.

Without doubt, Delta is a PDP state and the party is still ready to retain the position of producing the next Governor come 2023 as the case may be. Retaining the position may be an easy task on one hand and may not be an easy task on the other. Retaining the position sorely depends on how the party big wigs pilot the affairs of the party and have the fore sight of choosing a credible candidate.

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One single mistake by the political nugernauts of the party in feeding a wrong candidate or bad product will be regretted for another four years. God forbids that PDP feeds a wrong candidate! This is why the party must weigh the prose and coin before feeding any candidate.

Among those hustling and clamouring for the number one position, some of them are political neophites who are still crawling politically. They have not even learn how to stand talkless of walking politically.

Some of the known names who are warming up to contest the next Governorship election come 2023 in PDP are Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, David Edevhie, Speaker Oborevwori, Barr. Mrakpor while those that may likely contest for the Governorship position in APC are Barr. Ovie Omoagege, Great Ogboru and Otega Emeroh among others.

Now that we are in 2021 more are going to join the race. However, among the numerous persons eyeing the number one seat, one man stands extremely tall among all and this man is no other person than Olorogun Barr. Kenneth Gbagi.

Olorogun Gbagi apart from hailing from Delta Central Senatarial District where Senator Okowa successor will emanates from, all things being equal possesses viable and relevant attributes of a Governor. Olorogun Gbagi is a Criminologist and Lawyer at the same time. These two educational qualifications combined, put him ahead of others in knowing how to tackle the security situation of the state. Though, kudos to Governor Okowa in the area of security in the state but security issues can surface at any point in time and needs highly professional and acquainted person to tackle. Olorogun Gbagi possesses the qualities to tame any security issue in the state.

In the area of education, the renowned Criminologist knows that no country or state can develop beyond the level of her education. This was what prompted him to established many universities, polytechnics, colleges of education coupled with different secondary and primary schools as a State Minister for Education during President Good Luck Jonathan’s regime. All the tertiary institutions, secondary and primary schools established by Olorogun Gbagi are great citadel of learning today and will continue to stand the test of time any time, any day. Gbagi is a man that values education so well.

He sees education as indispensable, hence today many Deltans across the three senatorial districts are in his scholarship scheme. He believes that with education at least an average standard of living is guaranteed. As an educationist, he follows a Abraham Lincoln philosophy. Abraham Lincoln, a one time President of the United States of American once said that “education is a passport to the future and those who want to see tomorrow must prepare for it today”. Gbagi as a Governor come 2023 knows how to prepare are children educationally to achieve a good standard of living.

In the area of industry, Gbagi is the only man in Delta State that can be compared and likened to Aliko Dangote, the great industrialist. Gbagi’s fleet of companies speak volume both in the country and in diaspora.

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Gbagi knows how to turn around or revived the morribond industries in the state. He knows how to create a conducive environment that will attract industrialists from everywhere in the world. As an indusrialist, he knows how to make Delta State the industrial hub of the country.

Most of our young graduates today depend mostly on civil service jobs which cannot even cater for 20 percent of the youths population. The rest are engaging in all forms of meania jobs to survive why others are engaging in henious and illegal means of survival known as “Yahoo or Yahoo plus” as the case may be.

Some of us grew up to meet companies like African Timbre and Ply Wood, located in Sapele, Asaba Textile Mill, located in Asaba, Delta Glass, located in Ughelli and a host of others. Today, all these companies have gone into Oblivion. Different types of reptiles and weeds have overtaken their sites and are having a free day.

It is a known fact that one of the major reasons why there are alot of kidnapping and other security issues in the country is due to lack of gainful employment. Olorogun Gbagi has the capacity and capability to revive all the morribond industries and to also established new ones. Our youths needs jobs to earn a leaving.

Olorogun Gbagi has at the tip of his fingers how to develop the state. Deltans should not make a mistake of allowing Gbagi slips off them as result of ethnicity, money bag politicians or political greed. The state and stage we are now in Delta state is for Okowa to have a successor who has what it takes to follow his footsteps in developing the state industrially and and remove our youths from idleness and the streets.

Also, Gbagi has been known and seen as an accomplished wealthy man. Olorogun Gbagi remains one of the few rich men in Nigeria that EFCC or ICPC has not invited for questioning on the ground of corruption. Gbagi source of riches is more than genuine. His sources of wealth are very glaring. Unlike others, he is not seeking for power to acquire wealth, he is already wealth personified. He knows the problems of the different communities in the state and has what it takes to bring succour to them.

Deltans should not go for glittering and name dropping politicans but support Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi that has been tested and approved in all ramifications

Possible Ogheneseruo wrote from Asaba, Delta State 

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